Send in the economists…

George Bush promotes new economic chairman that he won’t listen to and even if he did he wouldn’t understand.

President Bush promoted Harvey Rosen on Wednesday to chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the White House said in a statement.

Rosen currently serves as a member of the economic council. He previously was an economics professor at Princeton University. He replaces Gregory Mankiw, who resigned.

Mankiw was a former student of Rosen’s at Princeton.

Ah, the master now takes the students place which, in the Beltway, is referred to as a Reverse Obi-Wan*.

Anyway, you may remember Mankiw as one of the brighter lights of the Bush Administration:

Mr. Mankiw, a lanky man with a boyish demeanor and soft-spoken style, is chairman of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers. Three times in the last two weeks, he has found himself at the center of a firestorm on an issue of enormous political importance to the administration: jobs.

First he drew fire from both Republicans and Democrats for saying that outsourcing jobs to foreign countries was simply another form of free trade that would ultimately be a “plus” for the United States.

Even before that tempest abated, Mr. Mankiw (pronounced man-CUE) had to stand by while President Bush and Treasury Secretary John W. Snow scrambled to distance themselves from a forecast by the council that the nation would add 2.6 million jobs this year.

Late-night comedians, meanwhile, lampooned Mr. Mankiw for suggesting in that same economic report that flipping hamburgers at a McDonald’s might constitute a form of manufacturing. The punch lines glossed over the report’s point, which was not to promote reclassifying fast food as manufacturing but to point out that official classifications are vague enough that many service companies could qualify for tax breaks aimed at manufacturers.

Those are some pretty large shoes that Rosen has to fill, but we’re sure that Rosen (seen here with the president) has the feet to fill them.

* My apologies for the Star Wars reference. It won’t happen again. Ever.

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