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What is our military's problem? British Royal Navy starts campaign to recruit gays

More good news from across the pond, but as you will see below, the Freepers are not happy. (NYT):

Five years after Britain lifted its ban on gays in the military, the Royal Navy has begun actively encouraging them to enlist and has pledged to make life easier when they do.

The navy announced Monday that it had asked Stonewall, a group that lobbies for gay rights, to help it develop better strategies for recruiting and retaining gay men and lesbians. It said, too, that one strategy may be to advertise for recruits in gay magazines and newspapers.

Commodore Paul Docherty, director of naval life management, said the service wanted to change the atmosphere so that gays would feel comfortable working there.

…The new effort continues a pattern of changing official attitudes in the navy – once derided as running on rum, sodomy and the lash, in a phrase usually attributed to Winston Churchill. And while most European militaries have lifted bans on gays, none have been as active as the Royal Navy in encouraging their service.

Until a European court ruled in 1999 that Britain’s ban on gays in the military violated European human-rights laws, the navy, along with the rest of the country’s military, followed a no-exceptions policy of dismissing service men and women who were found to be gay, often after long and intrusive investigations. The military had agonized for years over the issue, in the way the United States has, and always concluded that allowing gays and lesbians to serve would prove prohibitively disruptive and would ruin discipline and cohesion.

But after the court ruling, it had no choice but to reverse its policy. Beginning in 2000, the military said gays would no longer be prohibited from serving. It also stopped monitoring its recruits’ sex lives, saying that sexuality, as long as it did not intrude into the workplace, should not be an issue one way or another.

People were quite hot under the collar about it; the admirals, generals and air marshals were really concerned,” he added. “I’m quite sure that these folks look now and think, ‘What was all that fuss about?’

Oh, no, there’s a fuss in Freeperville.

Actual Freeper Quotes™:”Well, Winston Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty did describe the ‘Traditions of the Royal Navy’ as “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash”.”

“Join the Gay-vy!”

“Woo Hoo Mr. Burns..I am going to Great Britain..”

“They could also retrofit the ships with bathhouses.”

Is this supposed to make their enemies fear or respect them???”

“I’m curious about what are their policies on HIV/AIDS and emergency blood transfusions.”

“Let’s all sing a rousing chorus of the Village People’s “In the Navy!” (geez)”

You can’t go anywhere these days to escape these perverts.”

“Buggery in the schools, in the streets, and on the high seas.”

Why can’t they just shut up about it?”

Thus the great Royal Navy morphs into the pink fleet. Osama and the gang must be laughing and tossing turbans in the air now. But hey – let’s give three cheers for the great defender of “freedom” Tony Blair, the ruler of Cool Britannia! MTV special coming up!”

I guess Britain’s days of having perhaps the second or third best military in the world are numbered. And I don’t mean that the presence of homosexual per say will do it, but rather this whole mindset that deems it necessary to actively recruit them and make them feel comfortable. You’d think the military would have other things on their mind.”

“From reading the posts here, and elsewhere, the air seems to be slowly going out of “they will cause a lack of cohesion” balloon. It is gratifying that objective evidence seems to be absorbed even in the most impermeable quarters.” [this must be a troll in their midst!]

“Well, it is the Queen’s Navy.”

Actively recruiting perversion, they’re toast.”

The real damage will be seen in the recruiting effort when mentally healthy men will forego enlisting so they won’t have to put up with the pooftas. We are witnessing the ned of England’s Navy. They’ll never meet a recruitment goal again.”

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