Condoleeza Action Figure – competency not included.

Your Condi&#174 action figure comes with a Condi&#174 dream house full of Condi&#174 furniture including a couch, an easy chair, and a coffee table with dusty “Bin Laden determined to strike in US” memo sitting on it. Posted by Hello

Piss off your friends! Invade your enemies!

Condoleezza Rice is now an action figure, if by action you mean a National Security Advisor who sits on her hands in Crawford while she wistfully watches that man of hers chop down some brush in the dry Texas heat. Unlike the George W Bush action figure (that now features Super-Pooping Action&#153 whenever it hears a loud noise) just whisper the word “oil” in Condi’s ear and watch her hands drip with real human blood*!

Be the first neocon on your block and order today and we’ll include an advance copy of her speech justifying the coming June Iran attack! Our operators are standing by.

*Ice skates, piano, and one gallon blood refill sold separately.

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