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WorldNetDaily and Freepers rail on faux "outing" of Repugs

(via AmericaBlog). Right wing rag WorldNetDaily has an article out, Homosexual press hot to ‘out’ Bush figures. It’s a pretty straightforward recount of the basic Propagannon facts to date, with the spin, of course, that it’s all about these poor closeted GOoPers being outed somehow.

“Outing” of reputedly closeted homosexuals, particularly those associated with the Republican Party or conservative politics, has become a favorite pastime of homosexual activists in recent years. Similarly, the “outing” of famous historical figures, from Abe Lincoln to Alexander the Great – whether or not the allegation of homosexuality is actually true – is a key activist tactic.

The unsubstantiated report in Raw Story has been picked up by numerous homosexual publications – online and off. McClellan has not commented on the reports now swirling around the Internet and in offline homosexual papers.

Boo-hoo-hoo, I’m playing the world’s tiniest fiddle for them. “Jeff Gannon”, we all remember, has pictures of himself buck naked up on the internet, selling his time as a rent boy. That hardly qualifies as “private” activity, let alone legal activity.

As regular readers of the Blend know, part of my job here is to bring you commentary from the peanut gallery of insanity known as Freeperland, home of the knuckle-dragging right wing. [They are so far over the edge that even wingnut Sean Hannity has abandoned them.] Here are some choice responses to the WND article.

Actual Freeper Quotes™:

“Gannon was a setup. I hope it backfires.”

“Like most Christians, I think homosexuality is wrong. However, I do not advocate trying to meet out any punitive measures. That’s up to God IMO. In His time, He will address it. I do have misgivings about certain roles, teaching, adoption, positions of authority over children… perhaps a few others. I don’t see Republicans outing homosexuals. I don’t see them descriminating against them.

It is the left that exploits them at every opportunity, then pulls this type of tactic, outing them for sport. Sick.”

“The Dems “outed” many prominent Republicans before the election. The “outing” didn’t take. They were appointed or elected anyway. What two adults do in private is not of interest to me. What I resent is that a small minority of a tiny minority, maybe 3-4% of the population is trying to force their agenda on the country, to destabilize marriage and family values. I am opposed to the political homosexual gay agenda for America, not to individual people who happen to be gay. ”

“you’re precisely right. Quit trying to ‘sell’ the concept to everyone else, and we’ll get along fine. Cripe, HBO has practicly sold their sole to the homosexual lobby. They’ve played this Angels in America program over and over and over… goodness, give it a rest.”

I am opposed to the political homosexual gay agenda for America, not to individual people who happen to be gay. You and I also see eye-to-eye on that. My personal, empirical estimate, based on 55 years of living, gay relatives, friends, neighbors, and employees, is about 3% of the population. My wife & I have lived next door to a couple of “women who prefer each other to men” for eighteen years, and we get along fine- they are no more like the weird and vainglorious creatures the TV promotes as “gay” than I am. I’ve always believed in Live and let Live- I just wish the “love that dare not speak its name” would pipe down a little, and leave the rest of us alone.

What I do oppose is the relentless promotion of “gay is good, and no questions are allowed” by the media types. That, and the preaching to, and recruitment of, children. That is simply too far over the line of my tolerance. Oh, and gay marriage, too. Each one of these items is just one step over the line for me. They pushed the envelope too far for my liking, and have stepped into areas I can no longer voice “tolerance” for, or support.”

“And as you described it so aptly– We are seeing played out in our godless(secular) society precisely the wickedness that led to the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah-and to a bloody civil war in Israel that nearly destroyed the Tribe of Benjamin when that tribe refused justice to the Levite Priest and protected the Sons of Belial at Gibbeah. The Republicans in thi smodern replay are as the Benjamites knowing the judgement of God but protecting and promoting the wickedness within thie own faction.”

“Have somewhere in my stacks of stuff an old Time Magazine from about 1992 that talked of very similar problems with the Republicans -and homosexuals– wonder how much of it is the bad air of FoggyBottom–the corruption of that wicked city-where reprobate prostitutes were allowed to parade their shrivelled breasts around a Sacred Assembly in vain attempt to discredit/disrupt as the Park Police told rightious fathers and husbands “They have to do a lot more than that to get arrested here.” I once told the FBI guys from Denver it would take destroying upwards of 2/3 of everyone who works that city to correct its problems.”

“Personally, I wonder why this guy wasn’t vetted. The Bush folks need to adopt the Reagan policy. As governor, Reagan purged when found. Don’t hire them to begin with and there will be no problem?”

“The guy was vetted. He got a daypass which does a basic security check, not an in-depth background check. But you possibly give yourself away with saying he was “hired”. He was not hired by the WH; he attended press briefings. He is no more an employee of the WH than Terry Moran of ABC. And are you saying by “them” gays? That Reagan didn’t hire “them” and actually fired “when found”? Well, aren’t you precious, scattering disinfo in practically every word of your post.”

“I just don’t understand the “point” in doing this. It’s SICK. There is no TOLERANCE involved no respect for PRIVACY of which the Left claims to be the paramount, even sole defender. It’s clearly an act of callous political evil.”

“That’s up to God IMO. In His time, He will address it. That’s a position I can respect. To be frank, however, that’s true about all things we do, say, think, contemplate, act upon or fail to act regarding. Everything about your life, my life, anyone’s life. It’s *all* on the table.”

“I get highly annoyed when “homosexuality” is somehow held up by certain very loud and very visible elements of Christian Fundamentalists or socially facist “Republicans” as somehow in need of their own righteous anger, oppression, vitriol, hatred, persecution, banning or worse. It’s sickening. Persecution is not an American value. Persecution is not a Christian value.”

I don’t see Republicans outing homosexuals. I don’t see them descriminating against them. Funny you mention that. On those secret tapes made by Wead he says to GWB that it’s being said GWB won’t hire gays and GWB responds (paraphrasing): No, I won’t fire gays. I won’t discriminate against anybody. You just know the libs are chagrined that his private talk reflects his public presentation.”

I’m not sure about outing homosexuals, but Republicans will forward stories about other republicans about the possibility of out of marriage sex, ergo the McCain story in the South Carolina primaries about having a asian child out of wedlock. About the same as outing homosexuals to destroy them. The other tie to this is the view of many evangelicals that Republicans and President Bush in particular will stop the advance of any gay agenda and abortion. Matter of fact, in their mind President Bush’s relection was key in doing that. That’s why you’re seeing this attempt to smear if false or out if true those close to the President. If the link between resolution of the culture war issues and Republicans in general and the President in particular can be tarnished, then evangelicals will either splinter to third parties or no longer vote.”

“I don’t agree with you. Not saying anything about it is promoting acceptance of it.”

“Persecution is not a Christian value. Certainly it is. financial value. Christian talk radio couldn’t survive without it. In many faiths, homosexuals and abortion are the ties that bind. Again it does have Christian value,…… in someones pockets.”

“This is an interesting feature of the leftist mindset. They would meet your points with sanctimony as they “explain” that it is the hypocrisy of the right in holding positions “against” homosexuals, while at the same time having homosexual people wihtin their midst. This “explanation” of course, is mindless and is of the smarty pants set in the worst way. [I refused to use the noble term “elite” for them]. It is precisely that these letist “outers” wish to embarrrass the right wing people who are homosexual or associated with homosexuals in a witting or unwitting manner, that exposes their fundamental bad faith. They do not even grant to homosexuals the right to have their own mind and take non-leftist positions. They seek to punish the horrible transgression of not being a leftist by causing these individuals harm which they won’t inflict on left wing closeted homosexuals. I have often felt that the left often appears to have the moral compass of your sterotypical labor union thug. The dirty tricks of the left and the democrat party always have that character. Look at how they argue on TV. That blatant attempt to talk over the right wing represenative and never concede a fact or answer a direct question. If you have ever met this spirit in your daily life, you will not forget it. It is foolish to deal with them with ordinary means.”

I hope all the die hard gay Bushies get the drift here — the base is teetering and fumbling between support of those gay administration officials because they hold the correct political opinions, and utter contempt for homosexuality. Keeping that balance with these cretins they call their “base” is going to mean casting the homos overboard if it gets in the way of the “values” agenda.

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