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OMFG. This is the anti-AARP campaign by the Swift Boat hit team?

Good night. I cannot believe this is the best the can toss out? How on earth is gay marriage relevant to Social Security savings accounts? According to Kos, this ad is running on the American Spectator site.

I just wish I were a fly on the wall of the USA Next conference room when they came up with this sh*t.

“Uhhh…we need to swing folks to our side; this Bush crap isn’t selling. Uh, huh huh – whatta we do?”

“Hey, uh, heh-heh – I know — everyone hates homos — look at all those, uh, gay homo amendments. Let’s tie the old farts to homos in the ad campaign!”

“Yeah…yeah…uh huh huh”

This campaign is so pathetic that I’m speechless. And anyone who knows me, knows I don’t get rendered speechless often.

When was the last time you saw any ad for the AARP with gay folks lining up at the chapel? OMFG.

If any of you Log Cabin folks, Bushie closet cases, or White House rent boys are listening — You are expendable. At this point, homos are the easy whipping boy for just about any issue whatsoever when it comes to spin machines.

Oh, just before I almost hit the Publish button, I caught this great rip from AmericaBlog. Must bookend the post with this gem:

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