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I haven’t posted any stats since firing up this blog last July. I created the House Blend in order to vent about the political state of things from my quirky perspective. It wasn’t always clear who, if anyone, was actually finding my site and reading stuff. Not that I cared, I was mostly just shooting off my mouth into what I figured was a big, empty cavern. Comments were rare, emails, even more so.

Somehow, more folks started stopping by to share thoughts and pass along suggestions. I did small tinkering — redesigned the blog, added Haloscan comments, etc. Folks kept coming. While I use SiteMeter to see the general traffic to the Blend, I occasionally retrieve more accurate stats from my ISP, which uses Webalizer.

I guess there are more of you out there than I thought!

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No need for me to get a swelled head — just for perspective, here are Daily Kos main page stats from SiteMeter.

Total 98,975,258
Average Per Day 464,138
Last Hour 31,759
Today 220,993
This Week 3,248,969

Perhaps a little less stratospheric than DKos, but equally impressive are AmericaBlog‘s stats (John posted them this afternoon):

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No fear, I’m not burning up the blogosphere here with traffic, ROTFLOL. The House Blend is no competition for the big bloggers, but then again, I’d have to expand the coffee house if it were. 🙂

Anyway, I thought folks might be curious about which posts here have garnered the most attention. Here they are, in descending order of popularity.

1 68743 Charlotte may restrict use of public parks because of wingnut protest over Gay Pride event
2 13986 Pam’s House Blend (the main page, so folks probably have the site blogrolled or bookmarked)
3 4316 Freepers in a tizzy over pseudo-journalist, White House prop “Jeff Gannon”
4 4059 Looks like Maya Keyes kicked her closet door open — and her dad has no mercy
5 4035 House Blend RSS Feed
6 3310 I hope black wingnuts at Project 21 read this
7 2121 Focus on the Family goes after music artists contributing to HRC “Love Rocks” CD
8 1692 I don’t even know where to begin with this – PFOX’s “Ex-Gay” & “Everstraight” Student Club
9 1439 The Feb 2005 archive page (all posts from this month)
10 1206 GOP hijacking more black pastors into its bible-based Taliban takeover

The popularity of these entries has less to do with my engaging writing skills (ha ha) and more to do with a pick up by other blogs of my post, and they kindly post a link back here.

It’s also weird how people find my blog via search — look at what people were searching for and came up with Pam’s House Blend:

Top 20 of 638 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String

1 john and linda dollar (the FL couple that tortured their adopted kids)
2 maya keyes
3 John and Linda Dollar
4 Maya Marcel-Keyes
5 lesbians
6 pam’s house blend
7 Maya Keyes
8 James D. Guckert
9 john linda dollar
10 linda dollar
11 spooning (? – I don’t know what that’s about)
12 hotmilitarystud
13 maya marcel-keyes
14 vioxx
15 mehlman
16 scott mccoy utah (? – huh?)
17 jeff gannon
18 John Linda Dollar
19 wooden (? – eh?)

Anyway, thank you all for visiting — stop by again soon, lurkers and commenters alike — you are appreciated.

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