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Can the hysteria by the Right in Canada get any more out of control?

Brian Rushfeldt, co-founder and Executive Director of Canada Family Action Coalition, says gay marriage in the Great White North will mean the unimaginable destruction of society. Sound familiar?

Wingnut religious “news” site, AgapePress, says the end of world civilization is near if Canada approves same-sex marriage. Look at the breathless, homopocalyptic predictions. I swear, these folks must have gotten training by our wild-eyed fundamentalists.

A Canadian pro-family activist says if the homosexual movement succeeds in redefining marriage in his country, the destruction to society there will be unimaginable to most people

Brian Rushfeldt is co-founder and president of the Canada Family Action Coalition. He says that thus far, the pro-homosexual marriage forces have not tried to fast track the legislation. And he says he does not buy the argument that the bill will go no farther than to redefine marriage as a union between any two persons.

“There can be no restriction, in our opinion, because once you’ve [removed] the basic of a man and a woman — which is really the only form of relationship that is marriage — then it can become anything,” he contends.

According to Rushfeldt, polygamists are waiting in the wings, should the bill become law. “We also have a group of polygamists now here in Canada who are using the very same argument as the homosexuals did to get this ‘any two persons’ [into the legislation],” he says. “We believe the polygamists will be in court probably within a month after the change of the law, if it happens.

And the pro-family leader says what is going on in Canada reminds him of another regime from the not-so-distant past. “We are certainly not short of being run by a government that is every bit as bad as what old Russia used to be,” Rushfeldt says. “Following that definitely is an attack on religious freedom [which] we’re starting to see already.

It’s an attack on education where kids will be forced to learn about these other forms of marriage, which are sodomy-type relationships — and the destruction that’s going to come up on our society in Canada is probably unimaginable to most people.”

While we are visiting our neighbor to the north this evening, I have to mention the latest cartoon to give a hard-on to the wingnuts there — Shrek 2. It looks like this time it’s “gender identity” and cross-dressing that is setting them off. (

On its website the Traditional Values Coalition is warning parents about the cross-dressing and transgender themes contained in the hit DreamWorks feature, now on DVD. “Parents who are thinking about taking their children to see Shrek 2 may wish to consider the following.”

The article then proceeds to describe one of the characters, an “evil” bartender (voiced by Larry King) who is a male-to-female transgender in transition and who expresses a sexual desire for Prince Charming.

In another identified scene, Shrek and Donkey need rescuing from a dungeon by Pinocchio and his nose, which is made to extend as an escape bridge by getting the wooden boy to lie about not wearing women’s underwear.

The TVC report, A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream‘, raps DreamWorks for helping to promote crossdressing and transgenderism.

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