The gift that keeps on giving

I really don’t want to keep on harping on Jeff Gannon…

Okay. Actually I do, because how many times in life do you get to be so completely unfair and still be right at the same time? So, grab the gusto, I must. Which leads us to Jeff’s threat:

Jeff Gannon is considering suing liberal interest groups, bloggers and others for a “political assassination” that drove him from his job as a reporter for a conservative news outfit called Talon News, he told NEWSWEEK. Gannon, whose real name is James Guckert, singled out Media Matters — a “well-funded” liberal group headed by longtime “attack dog” David Brock. (“Everything we wrote about him came from the public record,” Brock replied.)

While all of the other bloggers are relishing the idea of the Eight Inch Bulldog being deposed on his connections to the White House, I’m much more interested in hearing about his full-time job as an Escort with Benefits in the DC area. In particular, a “client” list or little black book.

That sound you just heard was Ken Mehlman’s sphincter snapping shut so tightly that if you popped a briquet in his butt you’d have a diamond by Tuesday.

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