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Wingnuttery at the Conservative Political Action Conference in DC

Over the last couple of days there has been a gathering of prime grade wingnuts in DC to pat each other on the back for the last election and to plan out the agenda for the next cycle. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) calls itself “the oldest and largest annual gathering of grassroots conservatives.”

What’s hysterical is that Kos has a mole in the conference and here is what they reported on yesterday’s activities…

Today, while teaching an Internet Activist Seminar, Mike Krempasky told his conservative youngens, “Daily Kos is a site built by the hard-left. There is no doubt, they are effective – they are freighteningly effective…It’s probably bigger than the Washington Times right now.”

He was less sparing about Atrios:

“Atrios is a raging left-wing blogger. He actually hates America. He hates apple pie, he even hates his own mother.”

What a magnificent, f*cking badge of honor!

Check out who’s there:

I pulled out some choice sessions from the agenda for your reading pleasure.

Novak vs. Donaldson: Did the Media Out Do Itself in 2004?
Bob Novak, Syndicated Columnist/CNN
Sam Donaldson, ABC News
Moderator: Brent Bozell III, Media Research Center – New

Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Introduction: Morton Blackwell, The Leadership Institute

In Defense of Innovation : The War Against the Drug Companies
Representative Tim Murphy (PA-18)
Sam Kazman, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Deroy Murdock, Columnist & Senior Fellow, Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Dr. Paul Antony, PhRMA – New
Moderator: Dr. Merrill Mathews, Institute for Policy Innovation

Marriage as a Winning Issue in 2004 and Beyond
Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell
Dick Wadhams, Chief-of-Staff to Sen. George Allen (VA) – New
Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
Moderator:Connie Mackey, Family Research Council

Battling the Left in Its Privileged Sanctuaries
Amanda Carpenter, Ball State University
Jason Mattera -Roger Williams University
Dominic Rupprecht, Bucknell University – New
Moderator: Paul Gourley, College Republican National Committee

Can Conservatives Get an Even Break on Campus? What’s Going On in our Colleges?
Dr. Stephen Klugewicz, Collegiate Network
Sara Dogan, Students for Academic Freedom – New
Patrick Coyle, Young America’s Foundation
Christina Sommers, American Enterprise Institute
Moderator: Dr. Mike Adams, University of North Carolina

Conservative Principle and Unresolved Issues: Differences Within the Family
On a Federal Marriage Amendment

Kevin Blier, Center for American Cultural Renewal v.
Patrick Guerriero, Log Cabin Republicans

The conference also has a “Blogger’s Corner”, and here’s the credentialed who’s who (I’m surprised they didn’t land DINO Joe Lieberman):

Ana Marie Cox,
Kevin Aylward,
Erick Erickson,
Kevin McCullough,
Sean Hackbarth,
Robert Cox,
James Joyner,
Matt Margolis,
Chris Nolan,
Steve McCutcheon,
Bryan Preston,
Pat Hynes,
Robin Burk,
Karol Sheinin,
LaShawn Barber,
Hugh Hewitt,
Radley Balko,
Ryan Sager,
Ryan Zempel, There’s an aggregator for these blogs as well:

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