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WaPo covers Gannon and AmericaBlog's John Aravosis delivers a slam dunk

John, forgive me for putting you next to the White House rent boy/cub reporter. 🙂

Haven’t posted on “Jeff Gannon” today, but for all things Propagannon, head over to AmericaBlog. John Aravosis managed to land some serious blows in a WaPo article. “Gannon” is also interviewed and it’s a great read — the lies just keep coming. John nails the hypocrisy, and the rent boy throws out the “Christian forgiveness, it’s in the past” line. Guess he couldn’t deny all the nudie pics and live prosty sites out there. (WaPo)

John Aravosis, a gay activist who posted the pictures of Gannon on his, said the issue is not Gannon’s right to be a journalist but his “White House access. . . . The White House wouldn’t let him in the door right now, knowing of his background.”

Aravosis said Gannon is guilty of “what I call family-values hypocrisy. Basically, he’s asking the gay community to protect him when he attacks us.”

Gannon resigned earlier this month as a reporter for two conservative Web sites, Talon News and GOPUSA, both owned by a Texas Republican activist. Gannon became a target after asking President Bush a question that slammed Senate Democrats and contained false information about Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

In the interview, Gannon did not dispute evidence that he has advertised himself as a $200-an-hour gay escort but would not specifically address such questions.

… Aravosis wrote yesterday on his blog that an unnamed television producer says Gannon told him the Iraq war was going to begin four hours before Bush announced it.

Gannon chuckled at that, saying many reporters sensed an attack was imminent because the White House kept delaying the routine announcement that no more news would be made that day. “You could feel it in the air,” he said.

Despite the battering he has taken, Gannon hasn’t abandoned plans to work in journalism and hopes to generate sympathy by speaking out.

“People criticize me for being a Christian and having some of these questionable things in my past,” he said. “I believe in a God of forgiveness.”

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