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Psy-Ops on AmericaBlog – isn't this just the perfect example of the Rove Machine?

Pasty, evil, Rove and Co. want this Gannon story dead.

It’s a clear sign of the power of the blogosphere when the Rove Smear MachineTM starts going after bloggers. John Aravosis’s AmericaBlog is the target of a dirty tricks campaign by the Right, ostensibly because Gannongate is getting way too hot.

Well, isn’t this interesting. Defenders of Gannon are now phoning people who post comments on AMERICAblog, they pretend to be me, and ask the person to stop posting on the forum. This happened to a good friend of mine who posts here (guys, get a clue, don’t call a friend of mine and pretend to be me), and now it’s happened to someone else.

First off, when you use a phone, there’s an electronic paper trail. Second of all, when you pretend to be someone else, you’re very likely bordering on a crime. If this story is so hot that Gannon’s, and/or the White House’s defenders, are feeling the need to try to sabotage this blog, well all I can say is thanks, and I’m posting this publicly so perhaps we can get another media story out of this.

In the meantime, folks, maybe you shouldn’t post your full name to your comments, and be assured I’d never phone any of you.

One more point, this is pure Karl Rove. His MO is to contact people during a campaign and pretend he’s representing the other candidate, then do something obnoxious. Good to know we’re getting to them, and if any reporter wants the story, give me a holler.

Hey, it’s a good thing in a lot of ways. They wouldn’t be doing this unless there was more than a hint of smoke to this story. John, we’ve got your back.

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