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Oliver Willis puts the cards on the table about the Right Wing AgendaTM

OW summarizes beautifully why there is no compromising with the Reich. I’m just posting a hunk of his rant because it needs to be passed along without dilution. It’s in the context of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which I posted about earlier today on the Blend. House Blend readers, he’s preaching to the choir here, but the folks that really need to listen are the pansy-*ss elected Dems that just don’t know how to play Hardball.

“It’s time for a new McCarthyism”

That was the rallying cry by [the bony ass, bed-worn b*tch of the Reich] Ann Coulter, one of the keynote speakers at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Ann’s hate invective was surrounded by conferences on why the UN is evil, how liberals dominate the media (someone tell Fox News and Rush) and that famous left wing indoctrination zone commonly referred to as public education.

This was not some obscure political meet up, where the lunatic fringe trades conspiracy theories and pudding recipes. This was the premiere gathering of the right, presided over by no less than the vice-president of the United States. It was a meeting of the almost uniformly Caucasian elite conservative movement to discuss, quite literally, their plans to destroy what’s good about this country.

I’ve been told many times that the left needs to be more accommodating to the right, that it just has to sit down and chat with them in order to come to some consensus about how best to go about the business of America. The problem is that this Pollyanna view of things has no basis in reality. The conservative movement controls all three branches of government, it dominates the media, and daily increases its grip on our nation’s cultural values. Yet, these people consistently see themselves under siege by a vast network of largely ineffectual liberals. This siege mentality has led them to one conclusion: liberalism must be destroyed. That has created an atmosphere in which the press is no longer simply held in scorn for being “liberal”, but is now hounded if it isn’t suitably deferential towards the President and his party. They no longer agitate for a place at the table, they want to control the entire table.

You cannot deal with that sort of ideology in any sort of accomodationist manner. Liberals need to understand this, from Democratic senators in Washington who still – still – refuse to vote their conscience out of some sense of loyalty to a long-dead notion of civility in Washington, to progressive pundits who actually believe that their right-wing counterparts in the nation’s media are actually there for a give-and-take rather than a chance to paint everyone to the left of Joe Lieberman as a terrorist sympathizer.

Wake up, folks. We’re in an ideological war with these folks and the sooner you realize that the better. The goal of the modern conservative movement, as embodied by George W. Bush, is not just a simple majority of conservative thought – rather, it is the elimination of everything but conservative thought. In their dream world, a debate over war in Iran would be between differing ideas on whether a standard issue invasion or a tactical nuclear strike would best suffice. Any other sort of rational solution would be relegated to derision in the right-wing media echo chamber.

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Pam Spaulding