Yet another urban term whitebreaded to death

This is Tim Graham.

This is Tim Graham on NRO:

Liberal Washington Post reporter Evelyn Nieves writes the “peace” movement is plotting to re-emerge, and she’s making a case for them: “In a way, the antiwar groups’ task is easier than it was before the U.S. invasion, when the idea of then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein attacking the United States with weapons of mass destruction convinced many people that a preemptive strike was necessary. Polls show that support for the war has eroded as its cost in lives, the economy and the social fabric of communities throughout the nation has climbed.” But if you weren’t a liberal reporter, you might see that in a way, the “peace” movement now looks like an “anti-democracy” movement.

Yadda yadda yadda…whatever, Timmy. Then this:

PS: To get the real flava of the current “peace” organizing with its radical-left talk of American “empire” and “killing machines,” see here.


You’re Tim Graham. You can’t say “flava”. You can’t say “mad props”. You’re not allowed to call anyone “g” either. You’re Tim Graham. You put mayonaise on pastrami. You listen to Enya. You ask hookers if they take Discover card.

But you aren’t allowed to say “flava”.


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