Cutting out the middleman

As if the people of Afghanistan don’t have enough problems, Rush Limbaugh is stopping by to sample some of their poppy by-products and practice a little immorality:

Agency for International Development Administrator Andrew S. Natsios may be heading to Dubai and Afghanistan next week, taking along a small press contingent: Rush Limbaugh and, briefly, CNN anchor Daryn Kagan — they are a famous item these days — along with Mary Matalin, who is going as an ex officio White House adviser.


The always-reliable National Enquirer reported Jan. 11 that Limbaugh was divorced from his third wife and predicted Limbaugh and Kagan would marry soon. We are assured that this is utter nonsense, but the AID folks nonetheless speculated about a wedding in beautiful downtown Kandahar.

Turns out AID folks in Kabul, who are coordinating the trip, found themselves begging for rooms in Dubai, which were hard to book because of a major event this weekend. At this point, it appears the visitors will be split up into three hotels.

Cable traffic cautioned the group that “lodging is scarce” in Kabul and they should expect to be put in packing crates, known as “hooches,” which are “multi-bunk rooms.” AID folks were looking for a double bed for Limbaugh and Kagan’s hooch, but none was available. Just as well, it turns out, because last night Kagan, who had been scheduled to go as Limbaugh’s guest, dropped out of the trip.

I guess Afghanistan will just have to wait to meet the future Mrs. Rush Limbaugh or, as we like to call her: Whalerider v.4.0.

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