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Freepers bash Sean Hannity for calling them "fringe element"

Evil, even to the Freepers now.

I LOVE IT. Oy, don’t get the Freepers mad. Apparently wingnut Sean Hannity better not show his face in that forum again. He said on his show that Free Republic had been taken over by a “fringe element.” He would not go unpunished. Oh, and their new beacon of democracy is the cretinous Michael Savage. Good night.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?:

“what a jackass”

“Sean Sean Sean… you don’t have to turn on us just because we’re sick of hearing you plug your book all the time.”

“Only if Hannity regards educated ‘high falutin’ people as fringe.”

“”Free Republic is childish. Come to MY board instead”. I really liked him a lot until now.”

“The whine of his voice is like finger nails on chalk board.”

“He’s just peeved because he’s recognized as an egotistical bore primarily interested in selling books.”

“there’s an element of truth in that.”

“I just heard it too, He wants to have His own FR on of course.”

“He also said he left as did a lot of his friends. Also, he has established his own forum, if I heard correctly. That is it for me, Sean.”

When did I become a fringe person? I thought I was a run-of-the-mill NeoCon.”

“says he hasn’t signed on in two years….yeah right.”

“He also said we eat our own, and all the people he knew left long time ago.”

“I’m not a Hannity fan though I respect how much of himself he devoted to the reelection of President Bush. But the comments he just made were cheap and not supported by my own experience here. Secondly, he says he doesn’t read this site…I don’t believe him.”

“The “Great One” posts here, though.”

“I can’t BELIEVE what he just said about us!!!!! “tendency to eat thier own”??????? “engage in petty squabbling”??????? %^*^#!@% to YOU HANNITY!”

“Free republic HAS NOT been taken over by the lunatic fringe. I simply do not buy that.”

“Yeah, fringe people who blasted Rathergate open… You’re welcome from FR, Sean.”

“Personally, I cannot listen to the guy anymore. His show is boring, and his ego is just too much. I’ve switched to The Savage Nation instead. Mike is more in line with my thinking.”

“The sad fact of the matter is that a message posting board is always remembered by its most extreme members. Thats just how it goes. There ARE quite a few here whom I would consider “out there”, but by far, the majority here are pretty reasonable type, it just so happens that alot of those with the more extreme POV tend to post alot…”

“Fringe? I am not fringe! When do we start the attack? Right Now! “Hey Hannity!””

“Then we’re even. He’s a repetitive book-hustler and not the least bit entertaining as Rush is almost every day. Listen to Michael Medved instead, at the same time – your brain will actually grow if you do that.”

“I thought this forum morphed into his show. Nothing critical about the President was allowed unless the kid gloves were on.”

I may wear fringe. My sanity may be on the fringe. But otherwise, I ain’t fringe (poor white trash mebby, but not fringe).”

Free Republic is childish. Come to MY board instead“.
Well, to be fair, sometimes there is a whiff of childishness, true (and even more than a whiff on occasion). But it is not the same as being taken over by the fringe types, not even close. So what is his complaint?”

“hannity is a sellout. I new him for a fraud the day I began listening to the Savge Nation.”

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