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"Ex-Gay" sham ministry Exodus International whines over billboards

Alan Chambers, ultra-butch executive director of “ex-gay” sham group Exodus International says he is straight now. Yes. Keep repeating that, Alan.

The wingnuts at the religious news service (and arm of the American Family Association) Agape Press, are losing their cookies over the fact that there is opposition to the discredited sham “Love Won Out” recruitment revival scheduled to be held in Texas. (I covered this discredited and dangerous movement in an earlier Blend post). The fun in this article is Exodus’s representative’s convincing plug for the program:

Sixteen billboards advertising an upcoming Love Won Out conference have been replaced around the Houston area. The billboards feature pictures of former homosexuals offering a message of hope and change — individuals who profess that it is possible to leave the “gay” lifestyle. Exodus International sponsored the ads in preparation for the public seminar, an event co-sponsored by Focus on the Family and designed to examine the roots and causes of homosexuality.

The one-day Love Won Out conference, which has been held in 30 cities worldwide, is scheduled to make its first stop in Houston this Saturday. The event focuses on the hope and help available for those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality, largely through the personal testimonies of former homosexuals. Exodus International participates in the conference, offering support to people who want to leave homosexuality and providing them with long-term guidance and resources through member chapters in the region.

Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International and a featured speaker of the conference, says the ministry sponsored the billboards “in the hopes that many in Houston will, possibly for the first time, question the permanence of homosexuality.” He himself left the homosexual lifestyle in 1991 and has gone on to become an accomplished writer and much sought-after speaker on the subject.

Thousands of people, like myself, felt trapped by homosexuality and found an escape through Jesus Christ,” Chambers says. “Our life stories challenge many misconceptions about homosexuality and we want the public to hear another aspect of this difficult issue.”

However, the outcry from pro-homosexual activists has been swift and vehement in protest against the conference and its organizers. Those involved with the event, along with the billboards promoting it, have been labeled hateful by some homosexual groups and their supporters. Chambers says that is because many people involved in or supportive of the homosexual lifestyle “don’t want the truth to be told.”
The Exodus International spokesman says homosexual activists do not want others to know that change is possible because that fact invalidates their experience and infringes on their ability to promote their agenda in society. “If one person can change,” he asserts, “then their story and their lifestyle comes into question.”

After the February 19 event in Houston, the Love Won Out conference will be held on April 16 in Louisville, Kentucky; May 14 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; June 25 in Seattle, Washington; and September 17 in Birmingham, Alabama.

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