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Bush's dome-rubbing fetish

This is kinda kinky. Revolting actually, but it’s because it’s Chimpy, we’re talking about. Maybe this is why Guckert got his press pass. As one Kossack put it, “Bush has a fetish for bald men. Pass it on.”

Exhibit #1: rubbing the knob of an amazingly Gannon-like guy… See also: Daily Kos diary, Is this Bush rubbing Gannon’s Bald Head?

Exhibit #2: Rubbin’ fer good luck, Texas-bigot style…

Exhibit #3: A military knob fest for Chimpy…

Exhibit #4: An uncontrollable fetish during lunch meetings…

Exhibit #5: A two-handed, mile-high head grab, for his erotic pleasure.

Via Rigorous Intuition.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding