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Ann Coulter and the Boy Scouts

She pimped her nasty self to the Boy Scouts for $30K, who were happy to oblige her.

That leather-ette minidress has probably seen a lot of action. It’s a wonder the rank thing doesn’t spontaneously combust. The bony, right-wing, allegedly pro-family values author of How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) was the keynote speaker at the “Friends of Scouting” dinner of the South Florida Council of the Boy Scouts. Oh, and it’s the second time a conservative goon has helped entertained the leadership of the sadly homophobic organization. (Sun-Sentinel):

…Last year it was Oliver North, the retired U. S. Marine lieutenant colonel who was the central figure in the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal in the 1980s and a conservative commentator.

Norman Silber, a Miami lawyer with the Ruden McClosky firm and the past president of the South Florida Council, says he was “personally responsible” for choosing North and Coulter. Silber notes that Coulter was a best-selling author, a newspaper columnist, a frequent guest on Fox News and a lawyer. Most of all, Coulter is entertaining and a good draw, he says.

We could get someone middle of the road, i.e., wimpy. Then we aren’t going to get anybody to come,” Silber says. “We need somebody with sizzle to get people out.”

Coulter had sizzle in her speech this week to 500 Scouting supporters at the Signature Grand in Davie, according to Silber.

I wasn’t there so I can’t quote her. Silber says, “She has a tendency to be provocative. She didn’t let us down.” Coulter also spoke out in defense of the Boy Scouts “against the politically correct groups” who don’t like the group’s ban on gays, Silber says. Although I got two complaints about Coulter’s appearance, it was from folks who would never go to a Boy Scouts fund-raiser anyway. Coulter was obviously a popular choice with those at the dinner.

Silber says guests lined up for two hours to get books signed by Coulter. Jeff Hunt, the council’s chief executive officer, said he expects the Coulter dinner to gross $800,000. That figure would more than offset the loss of $600,000 a year that the United Way withdrew because of the Scouts’ prohibition against gay members and leaders.

It is not known how much the Scouts paid Coulter, if anything. Her booking agent is Premiere Speakers Bureau, which quotes a usual price of $30,000 plus travel and expenses for Coulter to make keynote addresses.

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