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2008 GOP Candidates: who the Freepers want to see on the ticket

God, no. Not this liar.

I’m warning you ahead of time. This is going to make you laugh so hard that you might cry. Get a load of the matchups these freaks are tossing out there for 2008.

The question: Thinking ahead to the 2008 Presidential election, who do you think will be the next Republican nominee for President? 1. George Allen. 2. Haley Barbour. 3. Bill Frist. 4 Newt Gingrich. 5. Rudy Giuliani. 6. Chuck Hagel. 7. Mike Huckabee. 8. John McCain. 9. Bill Owens. 10. George Pataki. 11. Tim Pawlenty. 12. Condi Rice. 13. Mitt Romney. 14. Mark Sanford. 15. Rick Santorum. 16. Other.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?:

“Condi Rice and/or Tommy Franks. George Allen is the only other that I wouldn’t need to hold my nose for.”

“Condi & Mike Huckabee. Shouldn’t the poll have been “who do you prefer?” rather than “who do you think it will be?” ?”

“Condi Rice and Karl Rove?”

“Condi Rice and Tommy Franks. Conservative a$$ kickers!”

I still say Rumsfeld!”

“If Guiliani would adopt a truly “pro-choice” position, like the overturning of Roe to let the people and the legislatures have a “choice” about abortion, I could go for him.”

“Condi/Rummy? Or really scare the libs…Condi/Colin. Let them try and attack two Blacks, one a woman…..and see what that does to two groups who’s votes they seem to take for granted.”

Flame me if you must, but my #1 ticket would be Powell/Rice, with Rice leading the ticket in 2016.”

“I just have a strange feeling that we are seeing Bush create an heir-aparent in Rice. And to be honest, I hope he is. She has the intelligence and the look to be an appealing candidate. In today’s climate of playing the media by the candidates, having pleasant looks and a cool demeanor are critical. She can slay a crowd with those qualities. And to top it all – she has the right stances on Conservative issues. And if that wasn’t enough – the libs HATE her. Of everybody out there – she has my vote. Let us remember, it’s real hard for any member of Congress to step into the Presidency. Traditionally, I believe these candidates have had real trouble with voting records. That’s why we have a history of military men, governors, etc. I think that record will continue in 2008. Look at the Dems – their last success was a governor from Arkansas.”

“I don’t know. That might be too much blackness for Americans too handle for first go around. I think you might need a white dude in there somewhere. JMO”

“I want to float an idea..Bush and Cheney have redefined the role of the President and the VP, as to sharing power in the administration…and it”s been for the good of the country. Rudi will have a problem with the conservative base of the GOP..we all know that..but could you see a situation where you have a ticket like , for instance…Rice/Guiliani…where Rudy does a Cheney..says that he will NOT run for president..he has executive experience..which Condi lacks..and he’s a proven beaureaucratic infighter..I know they say that people don’t vote for VP..but this could be the exception…”

“Rice all the way.” What’s Rice’s stand on the Second Amendment???”

“Leaving my own personal preferences aside, I thnk that Condi or John McCain probably has the best chance of getting the nomination. If Chuck Hagel ever gets nominated Republicans would be be able to claim they out-Deaned Dean by nominating the most unelectable jackass of all time.”

“Newt Gingrich is damaged goods. Unless he wants to explain why he was openly running around DC with a woman not his wife during the Clinton mess. Rudy Guiliani is a RINO & will never get votes in the primaries from states not on the east or west coasts. I think people in Iowa might be a little, well, surprised to learn he lived with two gay men during his divorce battle.”

Bill Frist has the charisma of a wet sock. Charisma does matter.”


“Just to p!ss off the liberals, I’d go with RUMSFLED/ASHCROFT ’08! But I’d happily support a Condi Tancredo ticket.”

“As a Nebraskan, I would have serious reservations about Charles Hagel; if he is the Republican candidate, of course I would vote for him, but with reluctance. It has nothing to do with his politics, which are conservative despite the “mainstream media” reporting as not being conservative; in fact, he is rather conservative. It is just that when Charles Hagel went to New York, he became more “New Yorker” than native New Yorkers, forgetting the land, the people, and the values into which he had been born. Nothing wrong with moving around–as God knows, I have done it plenty of times myself–but there is something badly wrong when someone forgets his “roots,” his essential basic elementary identity.”

Powell would never see the light of day in any Republican primary, his views on afirmative action would be enough to sink him like the Lib he is.”

Sanford and a pig; Allen with his friend, Man-on-Dog Santorum (who looks like he wants to hump the VA guv).

Mark Sanford or George Allen would both be excellent choices. Sanford is in that Slick Willie telegenic-Southern-governor mode, except that he’s a solid conservative. Condi would be absolutely dominant, but I’d like to know more about her stands on domestic fiscal and social issues…at least we know she’d have foreign policy down pat. ”

“Idealogy is not an option for a Presidential Election. Condie and Colin are great people..but their appeal would be stopped at the line.. color line..there are still too many pseudosupporters who are not realistic, Watch for the appeal and charisma in selecting a realistic candidate…I would like to see Sen. Allen on the ticket.. maybe VP…at top….drum roll-drum roll-drum roll-Jeb Bush. I know- he says not in ’08. But there is a lot of political capital to ascertain the next 4 years..Jake”

“George Allen, junior Senator from Virginia, former Governor of Virginia (and son of the famous football coach). He’s quite conservative, he did a great job as governor here. ”

“my #1 ticket would be Powell/Rice, with Rice leading the ticket in 2016. That would be a dream ticket for America. And come to think of it, the GOP, more and more, represents the Nation as a whole, not a collection of fringe groups.”

“Condi Rice and/or Tommy Franks. George Allen is the only other that I wouldn’t need to hold my nose for. This seems the most probable. Franks seems like the one that can beat The Hildabeast.”

“I pray that its CONDI! But, I suspect she isn’t interested. If that is the case, I’ll have to go with George Allen. It doesn’t matter who the VP candidate is. A lousy POTUS candidate can have the world’s greatest VP on the slate and it would make a difference of 1,000 votes nationwide. Can anyone imagine a VP that would have made Bob Dole a better candidate?”

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