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You know you couldn't wait for this…Freepers on Gannon/McLellan

I ran over to Freeperville to snag these quickly. Three threads on this have already been pulled. Here’s your sampling on the House Blend!

Actual Freeper Quotes™

Yeah it’s amazing how fast they go to this when trying to destroy a Republican… almost as amazing as how fast they go to racist caricature when confronting a black conservative.”

“Well, I’ve seen three threads on this pulled today. I wonder if yours will last.”

“Gannon a gay prostitute, Scott McClellan visits gay bars — in their [wet] dreams”

“White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan visited a gay bar in Austin, Texas…..if anyone is surprised they’re blind. I knew this when I first saw him.”

“Is all this “outting” special for Valentine’s Day or something? Yuck!”

“According to the DUmmies, Gannon is also involved in the Valerie Plame (non-)scandal. These people have gone berserk. By the end of the week, Gannon will have been responsible for Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and declared the Man on the Grassy Knoll. As I mentioned on a different thread, until last week I had never heard of Jeff Gannon. I had never visited Talon News, nor, nor did I know anyone else who had. I never even ran across a blogger link to a story from either of those sites. If the Left considers toppling Gannon to be a huge victory, it reveals how rare victories have been for their side.”

“BUT it is okay for Bawney Fwank, Ellen DeGenerate, that erstwhile governor of NJ, et al., ad nauseum — SHEESH — more from the party of diversity and acceptance of all species!”

“Some think the writer of this hit piece is full of sh!t.”

“So, basically this story is predicated on one anonymous source claiming to have seen a person at a gay bar ten years ago, and somehow remembers the exact date. Now, lest anyone think I’m slighting the credibility of this story, let me nip that in the bud. I saw several references last week, by a Freeper who goes by the initials HL2, that Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley and Baltimore Ravens running back Jamaal Lewis have been linked as a couple. I’m not saying its true, and this wouldn’t make them bad people, but its what I read on several threads last week…”

“Lets just follow THEIR logic here. So this ‘reporter’ gets into the WH press room. So therefore he must have been having sex with Ken Melmann? Isn’t this kind of like assuming that if there are two black people in a room that they must be related? That’s kind of bigotted thinking isn’t it?

Bush actually has a bunch of gay staffers. He just doesn’t have a bunch of staffers who are there because they are gay and his staffers aren’t working against the rest of America. The left can’t have it both ways. Either they are pro-gay and they are going to be happy to see gay GOPers, or they believe that being gay is a perversion and it is a reason to disqualify somebody from public life. As soon as they ask Barney Frank to resign, I’ll start listening again.”

“Well, I’ve seen three threads on this pulled today. I wonder if yours will last…. Seriously, though, this is pretty much rumor-mongering, don’t you think?”

“I knew there’s a risk it would get pulled. But, once the story (lame as it is) is on the blogs, it will eventually spill onto the networks (my bet is Olberman will be the first to report it) then once its uttered there it’s officially a story (“Keith Olberman of MSNBC today confirmed the rumor…”) and then the NY and LA Times are free to discuss it.”

“That is an out and out lie; in fact, he said just the opposite. I just checked the link .. The Raw Story is nothing by trash. Plus they have been on a witch hunt of gays (I’m not saying Gannon is) The two guys that run that site are far far far left loons.”

“Over on DU, for example, they have accused the following people of being gay: President Bush, Condi Rice, Ken Mehlman, Scott McClellan, Karl Rove, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. These liberal loons are called barking moonbats for good reason. I don’t give a flying fig it’s true that Scott McClellan was spotted in gay bars either. It doesn’t prove he’s gay, only that he’s obviously not homophobic—but of course this goes right over these nutjobs’ heads.”

“This is really disgusting, but I guess there is nothing that will stop it. On Friday the Daily KOS people were accusing Gannon of being the source for the Dan Rather TANG documents, or rather a conduit from Rove to Mapes. It’s probably best to keep all the accusations on one thread so we can get the full picture of just how nuts, desparate and despicable the Democrats are. I wish that we could pursuade Gannon to return to his job at Talon and the Whitehouse. It would be fun to watch.”

“Should we be worried? The left is going after this guy hard, I saw Gannon’s interview on CNN last week and he said how he and his family was getting threats and being followed. Why are they following him? Do they think he knows something?”

“There is another story that came out today on AMERICANBLOG but it has some very nasty pictures on it and I won’t post it because it will get banned.”

“I agree, and gee, wonder if they said yes to faxing the information (?) in, are they planning to do that a kinkos???. Maybe the anonimous source is the very crdible Burkett?”

“So the leftist agenda promotes homosexuality. But when it’s a Republican, it’s wrong? What absolute hypocrites.”

“In a word, yes. But, according to them, everyone in history was gay. Not only are they hypocrites, they are libelous slanderers! Thing is when someone goes to a Judges to sue them, that Judge will say “you shouldn’t be insulted by being called gay!” It has already happened.”

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