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Indiana marriage amendment moves to Senate

Indiana State Senator Anita Bowser sees no reason for this amendment, but it’s going to be an uphill battle.

This is via Hoosier blogrrrl Shakespeare’s Sister. The state’s gay marriage ban amendment will include language that bans civil unions and would prohibit granting a whole group of legal privileges similar to those of marriage (South Bend Trib).

Sen. Anita Bowser, D-Michigan City, questioned the need for the amendment since courts have already upheld a state law banning gay marriages. She said there was no need for such a change to the state’s constitution.

“We are demeaning it. We are defiling it. We are abusing it,” Bowser said.

After more than two hours of debate in the Senate’s civil matters committee, lawmakers voted 7-4 to send the resolution to the full Senate for consideration.

Shakespeare’s Sister wrote a kick-ass letter to her state senators over this, a snippet here:

It is enough of an injustice that we do not even allow civil unions as an option to gay and lesbian Hoosiers, but to act punitively to take away family benefits from employees of major employers such as Indiana University is beyond the pale.

For your consideration, I am not a gay person, nor do I have any gay family members or friends who are employed by an Indiana business that would be affected by this decision. I am simply a voter who believes in the principle of equality for all citizens, as the US Constitution is intended to ensure.

Go read her letter. This is the kind of assertive support that we need from straight allies on this matter. We cannot do it alone, and I don’t believe it is impossible to make inroads with reasonable people if the impact of this amendment is framed in the correct terms to get it on folks’ radar.

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