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Freepers on Alan and Maya Keyes

I wrote earlier about Alan Keyes kicking out his now-out lesbian daugther (oh, and her parents aren’t talking to her either). Here is an Advocate interview with Maya.

Alan Keyes, gave a prepared statement to the WaPo: “My daughter is an adult, and she is responsible for her own actions. What she chooses to do has nothing to do with my work or political activities.” Remember, this also is the man that said (in relation to Mary Cheney, as if it were a hypothetical — Maya was out by that time): “if my daughter were a lesbian, I’d look at her and say, ‘That is a relationship that is based on selfish hedonism.’ I would also tell my daughter that it’s a sin and she needs to pray to the Lord God to help her deal with that sin.”

The Freepers have been remarkably silent on this issue, but eventually you knew we would smell the stench from Freeperland. I hope Maya can see what her father’s supporters think of her. These losers are all up Alan Keyes’s behind, since he’s such a moralist wingnut. It’s sad that her dad is on these cretins’ wavelength. At least there are a couple of Freepers that feel badly for Maya.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?:
“An adult lives with one’s parents at the grace and mercy of the parents. If the adult child is a belligerent radical homosexual activist, the parents are clearly within their rights to kick out the activist, with an aim to save their lost soul, if possible. Hopefully the errant and deviant child will “come to their senses” like the Prodigal Son, repent and straighten out and fly straight.”

“What should a father do? Just what he did…throw her out. I’m sure there is more to this than the sanitized WP version. The MSM always leave out the salacious details and reduce homos to a “loving partnership”, when usually it is all just about deviant sexual activity.”

“Another excuse for the Washington Post to print anything negative about a conservative. I wonder what the ration of Conservative kids to Liberal Kids end up in prison. Bet the liberals win hands down.”

“Actually, we heard rumblings about this before. My guess is that the timeline is a bit different. I would guess that she threatened to undermine her father first and that is when he decided that he would not finance her radicalism. Note that she’s not just a lesbian, she’s “a liberal queer”. The politics inform the sexuality, it seems. The WaPo wants to make it seem like her politics are a result of how her nasty father treated her. My suspicion is that it’s just the opposite and she’s a thoroughly unpleasant person to be around.”

“Is there some link between lesbianism and conservative politicians? It seems like a Lot of Repubs have lesbian daughters, sisters, etc. “

“Bizarre. All this advice to Dr. Keyes! I think it’s pretty safe to assume he knows what he is doing.”

“Some children are just naturally rebellious. The very best parents can rear a child who chooses values 180 degrees opposite theirs.”

“Thanks. There are always two sides to every story. Even though I may not agree with Keyes and his political views, like I stated to an earlier poster, very sad.”

“Tell them you love them, that you care for them, but that if they want your support, especially money and staying at home, they have to live by your rules. “

“I’ve always maintained that I’ve never seen a child of overly strict parents who didn’t become an accomplished liar. I’ve yet to see a single exception, although I’m sure one exists somewhere.”

“It’s one thing to come out, it’s another to come out on stage in the spotlight; fashions change, soon there will be a rash of “old-time-revivals” and the wheel will turn and turn…”

“I was thinking the same thing. I could see pulling the purse strings, but not talking to the child just seems incredibly wrong to me.”

“I doubt this is first time she has openly proclaimed her homosexual lifestyle in spite of being aware of her father’s belief that it is morally wrong..”

“The gay issue aside, why would he finance someone adverse to his political views and goals, i.e. finance the enemy? Well, it may seem strange, but it does happen. Some parents put family ahead of politics. Some people put a whole lot of things ahead of politics. ;-)”

“This is the adult daughter’s view of the situation. Why might it not just as fairly be said she quit talking to them? As for the parents’ refusing to pay for her education when she has made it clear to them she intends to use that education to become a liberal activist to undercut her parents’ values and beliefs, I would say the parents are making a rational and fully justifiable decision.”

“I have no issue with paying her way. It’s the removal the familial support that troubles me.”

“Sad story. I find it hard to believe her mother won’t talk to her either.”

“As the saying goes, Christian nurture and education is to enable the children to see with their own eyes, not give them our own.”

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