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A man called Jeff, all-American rent boy in the White House

AMERICAblog has the goods up now. Someone at the White House has some explaining to do.

One [escort site] mentions the weekend rate of $1200/weekend, the other an hourly rate, $200. The sites also include feedback from satisfied customers.

Anyone in the White House satisfied? The rallying cry should be “It’s the client list, stupid.” How could this unqualified “reporter”/hooker gain regular access to the briefing room? Remember, this loser sat only a few rows from Chimpy at times. What is going on and who is pulling the strings?

UPDATE: Also via AmericaBlog: Michaelangelo Signorile had a two-hour interview with “Gannon”. You’d think that if these allegations were false, the guy would have been going apesh*t.

“Guckert did respond on-the-record to Mike when asked about allegations that he has been a male hustler by saying, “I’m not going to respond to any of these allegations, because it’s just one more thing out there and you can’t respond to everything, so it’s best not to respond.”

Meanwhile, The Raw Story also picks up on more of today’s Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert blow-up, with details on White House spokesman Scott McClellan’s ties to the gay bar scene in Texas, and whether there may have been inappropriate influence leveraged by Gannon/Guckert and White House staff because of possible relationships (a la McGreevey).

Oh boy. I don’t know how the White House is going to bury this one.

See the whole sordid mess:

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