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Who Cares About a Few Small Animals?

Grizzlies thank their lucky stars they live in Canada

Scientists from the Fish and Wildlife Service are saying that they have been forced to shape their findings to suit the Administration’s attempts to blast holes through any science that doesn’t support their agenda, according to a study released by two environmental groups. From the Seattle Times:

Forty-four percent of the scientists who responded to the survey said they have been asked by their superiors to avoid making findings that would require greater protection of endangered species.

One in five agency scientists reported being directed to alter or withhold technical information from scientific documents.

And more than half of the respondents — 56 percent — said agency officials have reversed or withdrawn scientific conclusions under pressure from industry groups.

The sponsors of the survey, who often have criticized President Bush’s environmental policies, said the results are part of a broader effort by administration officials to mold scientific findings to support their policies.

Boy the fundies’ contempt for science sure is coming in handy, huh? The article goes on to say that Republicans in Congress are currently trying gut the Endangered Species Act. You have to wonder why they even bother, since nobody takes the trouble to follow it anyway. I guess it’s a principle thing.

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