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More bile and bullsh*t from wingnut Agape Press

The American Family Association’s AmTaliban news organ, Agape Press, is noting action on a few subjects that you should be aware of.

Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council. More on him from one of my earlier posts.

1. Packing the FCC with wingnuts. Michael Powell, as most of you know, is stepping down, and it appears there will be another vacancy to fill. The wingers, including Family Research Council head, Tony Perkins, wants to pack the FCC with like-minded individuals. If they succeed, it’s going to be more than “Nipplegate” and we won’t be laughing.

.Two of the five commissioners at the FCC are stepping down — one of them the chairman — and one pro-family group sees that as an opportunity for family advocates to make an impact on American culture. FCC chairman Michael Powell announced last month his intent to step down from his position in March. And Family Research Council is reporting that another commissioner, Kathleen Abernathy, is leaving as well. FRC president Tony Perkins contends the FCC, with Powell at the helm, was unwilling to enforce indecency laws consistently — so he is encouraging people to let President Bush know they want appointments to the federal agency who will bring about change in that area of the FCC’s jurisdiction. Even since the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” at last year’s Super Bowl, the FCC’s enforcement record has been “spotty at best,” says Perkins. But with two of the five members of the Commission now open, Perkins sees a “historic opportunity” for much-needed change in the enforcement of broadcast indecency laws.

Bishop Harry Jackson, unveils the The Black Contract With America.

2. More courting of the religious black community by the GOP. I’ve been railing on the hijacking of the black religious community by the Right for a while. By filling pastor’s coffers with faith-based tax dollars, the Bush admin plans to make inroads on the “values” issue and gain support in the process for his Social Security dismantling. I note that Jackson includes support for what looks like civil unions in the quote below, something none of these pastors has even broached before. There must be heat on them. AgapePress is reporting the “progress” on that front:

…Black ministers and churches are promoting a moral agenda this Black History Month that combines personal righteousness with social justice. Bishop Harry Jackson is chairman of the High-Impact Leadership Coalition, which has released a six-point “Black Contract with America on Moral Values.” It calls for family reconstruction, wealth creation, educational reform, African relief, prison reform, and affordable health care. He says most black churches oppose homosexual marriage because of “the clear teaching of Scripture,” but support property and other civil rights for couples that do not live as the Bible teaches. Jackson adds that he believes most blacks will support Social Security privatization if it means they can “keep the money” and leave it to their families.

Robert Knight, of the Culture and Family Institute, is mad at Wallyworld. More on his wingnuttery in this post.

3. Wal-Mart better watch out for kneecap-busting from the Right. Again, as I predicted, it wouldn’t be long before the retailer got slammed on the news that it would recognize same-sex relationships.

…The nation’s largest lobbying group for homosexuals is praising Wal-Mart for its efforts to accommodate same-sex couples. The retailer has joined 228 other Fortune 500 companies that offer benefits to same-sex “partners” of employees. The move brought praise from the Human Rights Campaign, which lobbies for homosexual-friendly legislation. But Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute says most families are not aware that Wal-Mart is so “gay-friendly.” He says Wal-Mart has spent a lot of time cultivating a pro-family image. “Some of what they’ve done is positive,” he says. “[But] now that they’ve caved to gay activists, they’ve joined the side of those who don’t think that marriage and family are worth supporting anymore — and that political correctness is more important.” The CFI spokesman notes that another retailer, Target, was recently criticized for not allowing Salvation Army bell-ringers to solicit donations on store property. Consequently, many families turned to Wal-Mart. Knight has a problem with that. “Wal-Mart can’t give on one hand and take away with the other,” he says. “Millions of families shop at Wal-Mart, and I think they’re counting on them not knowing that Wal-Mart is openly promoting homosexuality. When it gets out that they’re [doing that] by actually subsidizing homosexual relationships … this will tarnish their image.”

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