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Friday pet blogging

[UPDATE (Feb 12)]: My worthy adversary, as he also refers to me, North Dallas Thirty, has posted a wonderful entry on Red on his blog. He also includes background on the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Kate picked up Red’s ashes last night and brought them home, as well as Red’s collar and leash. Chloe and Bailey sniffed them excitedly. I put the collar on Bailey so she couls smell him — this seemed to make her happy — she was a bit more playful, but eventually started moping again later in the evening. She still won’t get up on the sofa while we are in the living room, which she normally did when Red got up there to snooze before her.

I thought I’d share some pet pixs of Red, Bailey and Chloe from happier times today. The snow pictures are from 2003.

Red passes away (my original post).

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Pam Spaulding