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AmericaBlog's John A. riffs on Gannongate on CNN

Nice to see some bloggers get credit for doing work that our sleeping, lazy media wouldn’t cover until it blew up in their faces. Below is my favorite, meaty section of John Aravosis’s (AmericaBlog) appearance on Aaron Brown last night about the “Jeff Gannon”/Propagannon affair. I have several posts on it, one is here. You can catch the video at Crooks and Liars:

BROWN: Well, here’s what, I mean what a job at the White House says is they don’t really ask about your political affiliation on these daily passes. The correspondent corps doesn’t pass judgment here. If you show an ID and you pass a Secret Service check then you get to sit there and if your number is drawn, you get to ask a question.

ARAVOSIS: That is the biggest bunch of hogwash I’ve ever heard.


ARAVOSIS: George Bush’s White House controls everything that happens every second of the day and anybody that thinks that that White House doesn’t know everyone walking in the door, they threw out Sara, I forget her name, I want to say McClanahan (ph).

BROWN: Sara McClendon.

ARAVOSIS: Sara McClendon. She got thrown out for three months in 2001 because they didn’t like the questions she was asking and she was told for security reasons this 90-year-old reporter couldn’t come into the White House.

They absolutely decide who does and doesn’t come in that door. If you ask the wrong questions, they punish you. And for them to now suggest that some guy who had a shady business background, we’re not talking about his personal life, we’re talking about his business life, he told Wolf Blitzer earlier today that he was hired to construct some Web sites that basically the web addresses dealt with escort services.


ARAVOSIS: We’ll leave it at that. I think that that raises enough of a red flag that at least you wonder if this man should be meeting with the president of the United States and getting CIA documents. That’s all we’re saying.

I can’t keep up with this huge, juicy story, I’ll have to leave this one to the big blogs, like AB and DKos to post away. I’ll just collect interesting tidbits that come up.

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