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Agape Press: 'Morning after' pill=out of control fornication

Wendy Wright of the retrograde Concerned Women for America wants womb control. Founder and Chairman of CWA, the amazingly lifelike Beverly LaHaye.

Damn. Twice in one day I find a gem from wingnut propaganda news organ, Agape Press. This time it’s a ridiculous brief illustrating the mental gymnastics by the anti-choice crowd. Everything leads to lots of promiscuous, hornified sexual behavior. The want so badly to control who’s fornicating and when, and to get in control of a woman’s womb that they don’t mind coming across as unhinged. (AgapePress):

…A pro-family advocate says the idea of selling another contraceptive pill over the counter without a prescription is a recipe for disaster — in more ways than one. Another so-called “morning-after” pill is poised to flood the market of young people interested in a pill to allow recreational sex without consequences. The Bush administration is considering whether to make it legal for a pill known as “Plan B” to be sold without a prescription, making it readily available to young girls. Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says it is crucial to understand that this drug is more than a contraceptive. She says it is also an abortifacient — and that its availability has been shown to encourage risky sexual behavior. “In areas where the ‘morning-after’ pill has been available without a prescription, they see an increase in sexually transmitted diseases,” she explains. “There’s no decrease in the number of pregnancies, and no decrease in the number of abortions — in fact, in Sweden they found there was an increase in the number of teen abortions.” Wright contends the drug would also lull teens into a false sense of security. “[They] will have it on-hand, and then — in the heat of the moment — decide to engage in sex because they figure the only negative consequence may be pregnancy, and they’ll just pop a pill in the morning. Well, that’s not the only thing that can happen,” Wright warns. “They can get a sexually transmitted disease.” The pro-life activist also notes the drug has not been proven to be effective as a contraceptive, which could lead to even more abortions. Wright says the Bush administration should step up and live up to its pro-family promises, and outlaw over-the-counter sales of this drug. And clearly, she says, the answer is to discourage sexual activity among young people.

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