Well these’s that interview for that car wash job over on Figueroa…

As much as we are trying to avoid Michael Jackson-palooza, we found this amusing:

Actor Corey Feldman (news), who says in an interview airing this week that Michael Jackson (news) showed him nude pictures when Feldman was in his early teens, was subpoenaed by prosecutors in the singer’s molestation case, the actor’s manager said Thursday.


Feldman himself was unavailable for comment because of a gag order in the case, Carlson said.

The actor, who starred in the hit 1980s films “Stand By Me” and “The Goonies,” was arrested for heroin possession in 1990. He has been sober for 14 years, worked recently on the film “The Birthday,” and has television and stage work lined up, Carlson said.

“He’s been very busy. He had nothing to gain by coming forward and saying anything,” his manager said.

Busy? He’s Corey Feldman, fercryinoutloud. If you combined his job offers with Corey Haim’s and Kirk Cameron’s you could fill out your work week until, oh say, Tuesday.

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