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Happy Year of the Rooster

We can expect a smoother ride in the upcoming year of the rooster according to feng shui consultant Raymond Lo:

“We’ll see a year of more peace and compromise. There will be more peace talks,” he said.

Lo predicted it would be a good year economically, with oil, energy, skin care, cosmetics and entertainment companies all expected to do well.

But he also sounded a cautionary note, saying people need to be watchful of their health, particularly with necks and spines. He also warned about bird flu.

And famous people beware: “Rooster years are associated with stabbings. Some celebrities may get stabbed or some celebrities might break their back,” he saidWearing red clothing, particularly underwear, is considered to be very lucky. Conversely, sweeping your house on New Year’s Day can supposedly bring bad fortune, because it can sweep out good luck.

Well there’s my excuse for the day.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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