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Guckert Waffles with Wolf; Wilson Responds

Sad little interview with Jeff Gannon/J.D. Guckert by Wolf Blitzer on CNN this afternoon. Sad not only because Blitzer is a pathetic excuse for a journalist, but also because Gannon/Guckert looked like he’s just some flyweight who’s in way over his head. His defense of the gay porn site names he registered? He did it as part of a previous business venture. Great. So in one of your past lives you developed internet porn. That should fly real well with the fundies.

He also looked pretty shook up about the alleged death threats he has received in the wake of the whole scandal. Well, Joe Wilson watched the interview, too, and had this to say:

I have considerable sympathy for Gannon’s concerns about being harrassed and him and his family being threatened. Too bad he didn’t think of that before he spread lies among the vitriolic right about Valerie and me.  Unlike him, I actually have two children who are not old enough to defend themselves if one of the wackos who have threatened us actually were to act on it.  

In fact, it is too bad Novak didn’t think about the meaning of NO after the CIA told him not to go with the story in the first place.  Within hours aerial photos of my neighborhood and my address was all over the net.

You can read the rest of his comments here.

I’m personally not buying the fact that he resigned from Talon because of threats to his family.  Maybe he did get them.  Journalists get them all the time.  It is, quite sadly, part and parcel of the job.  Which just goes to show that Gannon is no journalist. More like the Darva Conger of the White House press corps.

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