It appears that SZ of World O’Crap is going down in history as the person who took down Jeff Gannon (and she did it without all that tedious kerning).

OLBERMANN: Ali G. from HBO, without the satire. There is the seamy side to all this too. The Media Citizen Blog referring to the other purported Internet homes of Gannon and/or Guckert, as having promoted “Allegations of involvement in several Web sites appearing to support gay pornography and promote male prostitution.”

It is the scandal that just keeps on giving. To help us recalibrate the focus back to the White House itself, I‘m joined now by Dana Milbank of the “Washington Post.” Until very lately, that paper‘s White House correspondent, and thus until very lately, a guy in the same room as, but not exactly a colleague of, Jeff Gannon.

DANA MILBANK, WASHINGTON POST: Good evening, Keith. But I prefer if you‘d address my by my new pseudo name, Dirk Diggler.

OLBERMANN: Yes, that‘s very nice. We‘ll get to the journalism here in a moment. But ultimately, is it not relevant here? Is the most relevant thing not the fact that somebody in the government decided that a guy apparently using an alias who may have also run a Web site called hotmilitarystud.com would be allowed into the White House every day?

MILBANK: Well, that would seem to be the most amazing thing. And in fact, as of Monday, I saw whatever his name is waiting outside there at the White House. In Fact, he would probably be allowed to continue doing this as of now, if there weren‘t some Web site called of all things World O‘Crap that got into all these person allegations. It was Jeff decision or whatever his name‘s decision to step down. He wasn‘t kicked out of the White House at all. So that‘s really where the scandal lies in this whole thing.

OLBERMANN: Was he—it‘s been reported that he was issued daily passes rather than the proverbial hard pass, the permanent one that admitted him. Is that correct, to your knowledge?

MILBANK: Well, we don‘t know. I‘ve seen him with something that looked an awful lot like a permanent White House pass, with his face, name and organization on it. Others have seen the same thing. We don‘t know for sure. But either way, it‘s clear that Scott Mcclellan knew that it wasn‘t his real name. He had to provide his real name to get into the White House. So, here you have the press secretary to the United States, playing along addressing this guy by his pseudo name. So there was some degree of complicity, even if he was not granted, against White House rules, an actually hard past.

The “Dirk Diggler” crack is just a bonus.

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