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Olbermann kicks *ss and more on the Propagannon affair

The many faces of “Jeff Gannon”, ace “reporter” of the Washington press corps.

Man, Keith hit one out of the park tonight; I missed the first minute or so, coming in when he was showing faux journalist, and alleged pornographer/rent-boy “Jeff Gannon”/J.D. Guckert tossing marshmallow questions at Scott McClellan and Bush. He interviewed Dana Milbank of the WP and they were tearing this mess apart. I’ve been out for a little while so I haven’t heard whether the other cable news nets or wires are doing anything with this story.

In other updates, AmericaBlog is digging up everything imaginable on Gannon, including:

…and multiple other posts connecting the dots of the mystery man’s activities, writings and shadowy relationship with the White House.

Also, I have a diary up on DKos, Freeper meltdown on Propagannon affair. It is still on the Recommended List as of 8:30 PM, and has over 200 comments. Join in if you want to see what other folks are saying about those unhinged wingnuts.

And, for a low-rent version of Freeperville surf over to the Conservative Voice (run by our “friend” here on the Blend, Tar Heel wingnut Nathan Tabor). They are commenting on the scandal as well.

Do you find this on other conservative sites? All I see it on is liberal and gay sites.

How long before Mr Gannon either runs for Senator of Virginia or is a well respected “guest” on Hannity on radio? A True conservative like the late Barry Goldwater is turning in his grave to see how the Nazis’ have taken over the party.

I think Limbaugh should hire the guy to feed his bottom with opiate suppositories. Hoo-aw! R

Joke of the Day: Did you hear that Hollywood is making a movie about the Jeff Gannon story? It’s called “Pretty Woman Goes to Washington”

factor in the sausages and you got a movie of the week gannon has got at least a movie of the week here, if he plays his cards right. The public are his friends, and if he thinks going “private” is going to help his “welfare” he is mistaken, for all those neocons wont be happy till he breaks down in tears, condemns his libido as an evil abomination, gets jacked up on pharmaceuticals or falls on a sword, which has already begun. They DO NOT want him to calmly say “yeah, so what, now you know” and then write a book about his struggles goiing from a buttboy to a brown-noser

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