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Gay-Themed High School Play Sparks VA Protests

Can someone blast this guy, Del. Richard H. Black, and the rest of the Freep crowd to the moon? Oh, I guess that would be polluting.

How about worrying about something more important, such as kids being able to read and write when they graduate? (WP):

The Loudoun County students who staged a play over the weekend about a high school football star’s homosexuality heard some gasps, along with expressions of support, during their play’s two-day, modestly attended run at Ashburn’s Stone Bridge High School.

Now, thanks to a high-decibel dust-up over freedom of expression and values, student writer-director Sabrina Audrey Jess’s one-act play, “Offsides,” has a dramatically expanded audience.

Del. Richard H. Black (R-Loudoun) e-mailed his supporters claiming that, in the play, “two male students engaged in a homosexual kiss onstage” and that public schools were “being used to promote a homosexual lifestyle.” His son-in-law, Loudoun County Supervisor Mick Staton Jr. (R-Sugarland Run), followed up with a missive of his own, warning of the play’s disturbing “indoctrination.” On Sunday, activists blanketed Loudoun churches with fliers decrying the production.

“I try to promote tolerance in a school where there is not enough among teenagers and am in turn flooded with the intolerance of their parents,” Jess said, in comments that prompted a standing ovation among supporters.

“People who are negatively commenting on my play are proving my point,” she said.

Senior Aaron Henry, who played Ryan, said the play made a simple point. “People are who they are,” he said. “Accept them. That’s it.”

Black, Richard H. 32nd R
Preferred Name: Dick [Yeah, that says it all, doesn’t it?]
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Constituent Viewpoint: (800)-889-0229

Thanks to House Blend reader Holly for the pointer.

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