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Freepers in a tizzy over pseudo-journalist, White House prop "Jeff Gannon"

Welcome, Buzzflash readers…once you’re through reading the unhinged comments in Freeperland, there’s more on Propagannon here.

The Freepers are all over the freaking map on this one. DKos diaries abound on this the rise and fall of the alleged “reporter”/alleged pornographer/alleged rent boy, so if you’re late coming to the story, there’s plenty to consume there. For those that want a roundup, thumbnail sketch, I also recommend a diary by Katherine Brengle on MyDD that has a summary of the major details on why Gannongate is gathering steam in the blogosphere. It remains to be seen on whether the mainstream media picks up on this story. My prior entries are here and here.

Some Freepers are in denial, some die hards are defending “Gannon”, others are careening toward the reality that maybe this guy is a liability for their side. They don’t have a grasp of what journalism is, or why, for example, it’s not the MSM taking this guy out, but bloggers and just a couple of mainstream outlets.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“So who is Jeff Gannon?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Gannon is “leaving”. Anyone besides me recall the “anal probe” by MSM into “Buckhead”? How *dare* Buckhead question ANYTHING. And in Mr. Gannon’s case? The Good Ole Boys in the MSM don’t like anyone presuming to challenge them on “their” turf. The question as I see it, and from all parties involved (MSM, Bush Admin)? “Do “credentials” matter?”

“I am deeply saddened…really :-(”

“Jeff Gannon is the guy who asked one of the more interesting, non-Bush bashing questions at a recent press conference, i.e. with all of your opponents so divorced from reality, how are you possibly going to work with them? It was great.”

“Jeff Gannon (also a freeper) ran an independent news service. He got White House credentials, and was targeted by the Boston Globe in a hit piece because he isn’t a “real,” that is to say, “anti-administration” journalist.”

“Apparently harassment continued, and he has decided to call it quits, which is a shame.”

“That statement indicates to me that there was continuing harassment, and perhaps threats to his physical safety or to that of his family.”

“I hate seeing this happen, too, but I don’t expect someone to risk his family. We know that some of the left is quite dangerous.”

“Jeff Gannon was so on target with his questions; a simple sentence, posed as a question at White House press briefings, exposed the media for what it is. I can well imagine that they threatened him…they have to protect their franchise.”

“So I’m going to sound paranoid but here it is: The media are represented in bigger numbers on FR than most of us would suspect. They have an agenda to disrupt the site, spread malicious lies and discourage us.”

“when your “source” turns out to be rush limbaugh’s radio show where he is proud he completely made up stuff atrributed to Harry Reid and then Mr. Gannon quotes the misquote without providing a source during a whitehouse briefing I’d say you’ve outed yourself as a fake journalist..”

“I wish him loads of success in the private sector.” Uhh…in porno?

“Did you understand yesterday’s news reports about Karl Rove’s additional job duties? Every single news outlet with the exception of FNC reported the story incorrectly and was the victim of a hoax.”

when republicans get to the whitehouse they lose all conservative tendencies…”

“I’d say our current pres is a huge disappointment when it comes to controlling debt ( medicare prescription drug benefit – besides being the largest entitlement government program EVER by GW – also just announced today cost about 700 billion more than the last estimate.) Controlling the boarders is also a joke..”

“What a week for RUSH to be gone….I can’t wait till he goes off on this.”

We do not know what that means. I’ll wait and see what shakes out from this story before passing judgement. But Gannon put the target on his own back by failing to check his facts – and once that target is situated, it can be very difficult to remove”

“Jeff Gannon may have bowed out, but others will be motivated by his actions. For every Gannon the left drops, 50 will take his place.”

The left set out to destroy Jeff because he made the mistake of showing up with the White House Press Corp, and didn’t spew the traditional bile-laden vomit and throw feces on the President and the administration. And for that reason, he was fair game for destruction.”

“He was fair game to be followed; fair game to have business associates bribed; fair game to have anyone and anything around him called, questioned, investigated; fair game to be pick pocketed to discern his identity; fair game to stage a car accident with so as to obtail his real name; fair game for his family to be harrassed.”

Its all fair game because the left is the party of hate, their ideology is hateful and their activity is motivated by their hate. The have no interest in diversity of opinions, their moving animus is to silence any and all opposion via the politics of personal distruction.”

I don’t think he was helped much by the exposure that in addition to “,” he also owns websites like:,, Sad to say, I’m not joking. There’s some weird stuff in his past that he’s hiding.”

“The WHITE HOUSE domain name was taken over by a porno site. You have absolutely no way of knowing whether those are Jeff Gannon’s actual web sites and are passing along rumors which I find despicable.”

“Hmmm. Your detective skills are slipping, old man. 1) “Jeff Gannon” is the alias of “James (JD) Guckert.” This has been established. 2) “Bedrock Corp” is registered to J Guckert, the same person who owns “” 3) Guckert also owns the gay military sites I posted above. Is is that hard to figure out? The guy was not a credit to the right. He wrote poorly written pieces. We can do much better. I’m glad to see him go, as he would only have been a distraction.”

“Whoever is doing this to Jeff is doing a full frontal assault:

  • reading some more over there .. there seems to be talk of some powerpoint thing
  • In one of the post this had a link to this story regarding this powerpoint thing
  • The guy behind it is Ron Stein who apparently was associated with the Clinton administration .. whatever that means
  • Plus he is teaming up with Soros to start a new group called The Democracy Alliance
  • Those of you who read the Daily Kos — in your opinion has the writing changed recently? Were they always this well orgranized and activist?
  • Perhaps someone has bought off Kos.”

UPDATE: Fresh Freep added below.

“Do you think all the other people in the WH Press Corp have such an investigation performed on them? What might that turn up? It certainly isn’t as if any other reporters have been subject to such scrutiny.”

“Here is an article from last week about Gannon.”

“With this one post, you’ve proved everything everybody on this site has EVER thought about you. And you’ve proved just how desperate you lying liberals are. You and David Brock are scum.”

“You need to pay very close attention to this story; David Brock and the people at the Daily Kos are out to destroy this guy.”

“Except for being sorry to see Gannon resign, I’m enjoying this thread immensely. Another crystal clear example of how the RATS heads are exploding 24/7.”

“Anyone who knows Jeff’s screen name pls freepmail me.”

Give Jeff a dozen eggs and he might become the next Matt Drudge.”

“MM, Check this hit piece out:”

“”Jeff Gannon” EXPOSED! Source:″


The hard-core Lefties are conducting an exhaustive search for me in cyberspace, which has produced an entertaining mosaic of conspiracy theories. I appreciate all the attention, but I can do without the threats on my person, property and family.


For those out there that still have questions about me and don’t think I should be able to be a journalist, here’s what you need to know:”

“I’m everything people on the Left seem to despise. [snipped to end]

“Yep, the left is out to crucify this guy.”

My dear RTFP, a fake journalist is one who presents fake documents to support a fake story. I direct your attention to Dan Rather.”

“And I’m saying that new media journalists are gonna have to be very careful checking their facts. The MSM may be wounded – but a wounded animal is very dangerous. They still have plentiful resources – and, after we nailed CBS, they are gonna come after ANY mistake we make, while continuing to downplay their own. Is that fair? Of course not. But politics is a contact sport. I will wait to see what lies beneath the few facts we have on this story – because we have no way of verifying some of the claims I have seen about the threats that Jeff Gannon faced.”

“As far as I know, no freepers are bribing business associates of Eason Jordan, nor are they threatening his family. And have you been able to get independent second-party verification that Jeff Gannon has faced such?”

“maybe some people want an aggressive but ACCURATE press to let us know what our government is doing with all those tax dollars…maybe it’s good to scrutinize Clinton and Bush? Any “journalist” that uses Limbaugh or hannity or Al Franken or barbara streisand as a primary source should not have a white house press pass end of story. Frankly, as a taxpayer I’d be more disturbed by my tax dollars going to armstrong williams and others and want to know why the PR budget under this group is double what it used to be?”

“What gives you the idea that any of this happened because of a mistake? The articles and discussions at un-named leftist sites, sites who are responsible for digging for Jeff’s “trash” are not concerned with a “mistake.” They are concerned because someone was allowed to ask questions during WH press briefings that didn’t jibe with usual accusatory questioning. They were concerned because Jeff doesn’t have “journalistic credentials” and clearly describes himself as conservative. I have no idea where you are getting that some “mistake” caused this.”

My last, diseased trip over there for the day…

They are way over 700 posts in the thread over in Freeperland…About half involve them backstabbing one another over a poster named MurryMom, their resident “lefty troll”. Highly uninteresting “dialogue” I had to filter through to get a few more gems for you all.

To: MurryMom

“It’s the alleged “hypocrisy” built upon allegations. In other words, lib bloggers with aid and help from “others” have built a sand castle of rumor and hyperbole in order to “strengthen” their pals in the MSM. David Brock, using all those great lexus/nexus searches does some digging. He writes about his digging. And a million voices (“unity anti-theme”) respond. Democrats think they are learning this from observing Republican operations. What they don’t realize, is that Republicans learned it first from the Dems… and for every scalping of a Republican, the Dems go “woo hooo” we aborted another one! It is a delusion, but then, some people enjoy their delusions. It’s an interesting tactic: One branch of Dems loves anything sexually perverse; while the other branch is trying to find a “moral” theme. Ergo, hit a reporter who is against gay marriage while simultaneously posturing that he is gay. This tactic has worked for over 30+ years for the Dems. The only difference this time is they are using other forms for search material. I think David Brock is only trying to help the Dems find a place to stand. It’s like “vicarious” PEST therapy via journalism and left blogs. Dean did it with a scream, Brock is doing it under the banner of “serious investigative journalism”. You see…”

“JJ — think about this: The Dems as a party are in shreds. Their only saving “grace” is Hillary. To run a campaign they need a theme. What do Democrats stand for: more taxes, more control freakish laws, killing babies, not defending the US.. but “gay marriage”… OH THE HUMANITY! Is this latter not a theme that might join together, in some semblance the factions within the Democrat coalitions? When you read through all the Jeff Gannon “rumors”, it becomes clear the issue is “gay marriage”. That’s the tag underneath which all the other stuff is lain. I just read that Tony Blankley is now under “isolate and obliterate” mantra from the left. I haven’t studied the “castle” of charges yet.. but no doubts, I’ll wager its along the same lines (different specific variables) as their going after Jeff Gannon. I’ll have to wait and see. YOU’D THINK LIBERALS WOULD HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING FROM “CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR”. You can claim you’ve turned live humans into ghosts.. but ghosts of those unjustly killed have ways of coming back … to haunt their tormentors.”

“If Gannon attributed the “soup lines” quote to Harry Reid without checking to make sure Reid really said “soup lines,” then he was sloppy.”

“What do you think, then, of Bill Moyers’s recent fabrication of a quote by James Watt, former Secretary of the Interior ? See quote at PowerLineBlog: Bill Moyers Smears a Better Man Than Himself” Moyers took a story that was absurd on its face, embellished it, and used it to try to smear religious conservatives in general and President Bush in particular.”

“If I recall this isn’t the first time the left went after a reporters personal life …Geez, I can’t remember the name, but they did the same thing last fall during the election. Also .. don’t forget what the left did to Mary Cheney

“Moi?? Suspicious?? Sounds like the paranoid liberals are calling each other “scaredy cats”. Honestly thanks for the ping but visiting their cesspool of lies, smoke and mirrors, and angry hatred just doesn’t interest me. They will say what they will just as I do. Sites like KOS, DUmmie-ville etc. are outlets for those malcontents, those maladjusted and frustrated losers in our society. AKA liberals. Their rantings are simply that. But maybe MurryMom got ticked that I posted she was so full of it that it leaks out of her eyeballs. Which is an opinion that still stands, BTW.”

[And after 700 posts, we get this dumbass– Pam]

“I’ve read (nearly) every post on this thread and I still don’t know:

1) what Jeff is accused of,

2) who accused him, or

3) why he’s quitting.”

“What credentials do any of the other White House journalists hold that Jeff Gannon does not? While journalists like to ignore or pretend otherwise, journalism is a trade and anyone who calls them self a journalist, is, in fact, a journalist.

I will submerge in the Purell now.

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