Wait a minute. We were once slaves? Since when?

President Freedom Liberty Liberty Liberty Freedom Liberty gives a history lesson to black leaders who were blissfully unaware of their place in American history:

President Bush, whose relationship with black lawmakers has been strained over the last four years, told black leaders Tuesday that the United States can not carry freedom abroad while holding “the baggage of bigotry” at home.

Bush welcomed black leaders to the East Room of the White House to celebrate black history month.


“It’s important that our children know that there was a time in their nation’s history when one in every seven human beings was the property of another,” he said, adding that bigotry and discrimination did not end with slavery.

“Americans were still barred by law from hotels and restaurants, made to drink from separate water fountains, forced to sit in the back of a bus — all because of the color of their skin. We need to teach them about the heroes of the civil rights movement, who by their courage and dignity forced America to confront the central defect of our founding.”

Then he showed them pictures of Laura with her first husband Ike and daughter Jeniqua.

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