The companies you keep

Now that Steven Griles is headed back to the private sector where he will cash in his IOU’s for lobbying from within, President Brush Cuttin’ Fool is promoting Lynn Scarlett to the number two spot at Interior. Who is Lynn Scarlett? Well, she is an advocate for what she likes to call “The New Enviromentalism” which can best be defined as “If left alone, industry will clean up it’s own mess because being a stewart of the Earth is more important than stockholder value…oh, and did I mention I raise unicorns in my backyard?”. Here are some of Miz Scarlett’s greatest hits:

&#149 Opposed mandatory curb side recycling: Lynn Scarlett was the voice behind much of the criticism of curbside recycling in the early ’90s. She called for a market based approach, arguing the merits of recycling should be judged largely on whether it is cheaper than using a landfill

&#149Opposed federal involvement in day care programs: “If politicians want to assist the really needy – single, low-income, working moms, for example – they should step up measures to ensure that fathers pay child support.” (Lynn Scarlett, “Congress Should Keep Hands Off Childcare” USA Today, October 12, 1989)

&#149Opposed national bottle bill: “Though they promise waste reduction, bottle bills deliver a high-cost system of recycling containers. In short, they waste resources.” ( Lynn Scarlett, USA Today, March 14, 1991)

&#149Supported corporate ads in schools: She argued, “Ads – on TV or in educational materials – offer an opportunity for educators to cultivate critical thought.” And “Indeed, bias – sometimes hidden bias – fills even textbooks. Students learn, for example, from school pundits that plastics are bad and recycling is good…Corporate info, however self-interested, sometimes offers a healthy antidote to such dogma”. (USA Today, July 20, 1990)

&#149Views environmentalism as anti-democratic: “environmentalism is a coherent ideology that rivals Marxism in its challenge to the classical liberal view of government as protector of individual rights… many modern environmentalists adhere to Progressive Era elitism and liberal egalitarianism. The elitism is expressed by a willingness to impose one set of values, articulated by an elect few, on everyone else without regard to any competing values that individual citizens might hold.” Lynn Scarlett in Reason Magazine, January, 1997.

And, speaking of Reason Magazine, did you know that Lynn used to be president of the Reason Foundation whose mission:

“upholds the classical liberal approach to seeking truth via rational discourse, free inquiry, and the scientific method. We support the rule of law, private property, and limited government. We promote voluntarism and individual responsibility in social and economic interactions, relying on choice and competition to achieve the best outcomes.”?

Why that sounds pretty darn reasonable to me which must be why these companies:

American Farm Bureau Federation, American Forest and Paper Association, American Petroleum Institute, American Plastics Council, ARCO Foundation, BP Amoco, CA Building Industry Association, Chemical Manufacturers Association, Chevron Corporation, Chlorine Chemistry Council, Clorox, Coca-Cola, American and Continental Airlines, Daimler Chrysler Corp, Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical, Edison Electric Institute, ENRON, Exxon Mobil, FMC Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Kimberly-Clark, Koch Industries, Koch Materials, Eli Lilly, Microsoft, National Air Transportation Association, National Beer Wholesalers, National Soft Drink Association, Pfizer, Inc, Philip Morris, Procter and Gamble, Shell Oil, Sun America, Union Carbide Corporation, United Airlines, Western States Petroleum, Watson Land Company, Whole Foods Market, Winston and Strawn

…supported Reason during the Scarlett years, and it’s not like they didn’t have our best interests at heart, right?


Okay. Now you’re just being cynical….

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