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Ken Mehlman has no fear — he's gay-baiting Harry Reid

AMERICAblog‘s hot on queer Ken Mehlman’s latest hypocrisy as the new RNC chair. He’s gay-baiting Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in the latest piece-of-garbage press release. I’m not sure what this tactic will gain the RNC, given how exposed they are on this front with Mehlman leading the charge. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Here are the highlights of the attempted smear (the orginal release is here).

Reid Opposes Federal Marriage Amendment:

Reid Received 100 percent Rating From Human Rights Campaign (HRC) For 107th Congress. (Human Rights Campaign, “Presidential Candidates,” Human Rights Campaign Website,, Accessed 12/2/04)

— HRC Endorsed Reid During 2004 Election Calling Him “A Leader We Can Count On.” (Human Rights Campaign, “Candidate Profile: Harry Reid,” Human Rights Campaign Website,, Accessed 12/2/04)

— “The Human Rights Campaign, The Largest National Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual And Transgender Advocacy Organization, Envisions An America Where GLBT People Are Ensured Of Their Basic Equal Rights, And Can Be Open, Honest And Safe At Home, At Work And In The Community.” (Human Rights Campaign Website,, Accessed 1/31/05)

Reid Said Marriage Should Be Between A Man And Woman. “So marriage should be between a man and a woman, OK? I agree. But why do we need to have to amend the Constitution when we have the Defense of Marriage Act federally? We have the state Constitution, which has it in it.” (Dave Berns, “Candidates See Religion’s Role In Diverse Light,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/28/04)

— But Reid Voted Against Federal Marriage Amendment. (S.J. Res. 40, CQ Vote No. 155: Motion Rejected 48-50: R 45-6; D 3-43; I 0-1, 7/14/04, Reid Voted Nay)

As John at AB says, “Feel free to call the RNC and ask tell them that since they feel Senator Reid’s relationships with the gay community are relevant, you want to know what Ken Mehlman’s relationships are with the gay community as well.”

There have been many calls made already, as the news of the release has been posted over at Eschaton as well. From the comments on AB, folks in the RNC office are hanging up on people and acting quite nervous, given Ken-babe’s official/unofficial orientation leaves him wide open for questions.

Ken’s office: 202-863-8700

Other RNC phone numbers: 202-863-8500, 202-863-8747, 202-863-8743

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