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Can I have my press pass, Scotty? — The "Jeff Gannon" debacle

One of the photos of the “reporter” for hack Talon News Service, “Jeff Gannon” aka James D Guckert or J.D. Guckert (above) was posted at Hot or Not by wÒÓ† on Eschaton.

World O’Crap has the scoop on Mr. Gannon, ace bogus reporter and possible Washington rent boy:

Remember “Jeff Gannon,” the White House reporter who lobs softballs at Scottie McClellan when the other mean reporters won’t let up with the real questions?

The “Jeff Gannon” who accused his colleagues of “working off the talking points provided by the Democrats” and then was found to have copied info directly from GOP documents and used it in his “news report”?

This would be the same “Jeff Gannon” who was subpoenaed in connection with the Plame investigation because he somehow obtained a copy of a purported State Dept. document which said that Ms. Plame had a hand in arranging the assignment to Niger for her husband (an allegation — and document — denied by the CIA).

Yes, we’re talking about “Jeff Gannon, Washington Bureau Chief, Talon News” — Talon News being the rinkydink wingnut “news service” chaired by the same guy who runs GOP USA (the wingnut site that is less upscale than Renew American, but slightly more professional than BushCountryUSA, and apparently run by various members of the Texas GOP).

Anyway, ever since it was revealed that “Jeff Gannon” is a pseudonym (even though he apparently gets daily White House passes issued in that name), bloggers have been trying to ascertain his real identity. Susan G. at Daily Kos (with the assistance of her readers) has been very energetic and organized in this endeavor, and has uncovered a great deal of interesting and suggestive info about “Jeff” and his associates.

The best part is that he owns these highly political/journalistic domains….

Hmmm. sounds like an enterprising young man, eh? How does he get clearance into the White House anyway? The Freepers were defending the guy last week when his credentials as an objective member of the media was being questioned by the left. Can’t wait to see if they have something to say about this one.

Love this parody site (via AmericaBlog). As John says about this debacle for the Right…

Now, I’m not one to judge how folks like to get their jollies (assuming no children are involved and it’s consensual), but then again, I don’t suck up to the family values agenda like Mr. Gannon does. I’ve been through Gannon’s archives, and it’s a horrendous accumulation of religious right suck-up pieces on gay issues. Some are concerned that perhaps it’s not fair to hit him with the gay card, if he is gay. Well, take a look at some of the stories from Gannon’s Talon News Service: here, here, here Talon is promoting “ex-gays,” defending Bush on gay marriage, and Gannon himself writing a story defending Santorum on his man-dog-sex commments about gays. There are lots more, you get the picture.

Actually, there are a lot of them (courtesy of Georgia10 at DKos.

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