McClellan Unleashed

White House Spokesmodel Scotty McClellan, who will say anything for a kibble (“While some have criticized Dr. Rice for drinking Iraqi orphan’s blood from the skull of a hyena, we simply don’t see it it that way…“) is finally getting the run of the White House:

Unleash the hound
Tiny first pup Miss Beazley has finally graduated from her cage. White House insiders tell us that the Scottie no longer has to be kept in a pen on the South Lawn or even leashed all the time. Now she strolls around the president’s backyard with elder first dog Barney. And, no, we’re assured, the dogs are not fitted with Invisible Fence electric zapping collars.

Whoops. Our bad. We saw “Scottie” and leash and, well… it was an honest mistake. The tip-off was the electric zapping collars since we know that they’re pretty much on John McCain and Arlen Specter 24/7.

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