If Alex Chilton was dead, he would be spinning in his grave

Jesus. I’m not even watching it and I still can’t get away from the crapulence that is American Idol. So, I’m sitting here reading every story on MSNBC wondering why, for example, the article on tsunami aid doesn’t mention Eason Jordan, or why Eason Jordan isn’t hosting the Kid’s Choice awards instead of Ben Stiller, when I come across this:

Tamesha Foote talked about leaving her twin babies to follow her dream. The judges sent her right back home to be with them.

Blue-haired Briana Davis followed her rendition of “Phantom of the Opera” at her initial audition with “My Baby, She Wrote Me a Letter,” showing that she could translate her voice from theatre to rock. Didn’t matter. Out she went.

Now, to be fair, I imagine all of the really good entertainment writers probably begged off the Idol beat because of prior commitments or because their Ebola hemorrhagic fever flared up again, but don’t you think that MSNBC could have hired someone with a basic knowledge of pop music to cover the NEXT BIG THING IN POP MUSIC? And what really tweaks my naughty bits is that Craig Berman probably knows what Carson Daly’s favorite ice cream is and all the words to “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” (although he probably calls it : “I’m Just Tryin To Find the Woman In Me, Yeah“).

Craig Berman: It’s called “The Letter“, not “My Baby, She Wrote Me a Letter” , not “Gimmee, A Ticket For An Aeroplane“, and not “To My Baby Once-a More“. It’s just “The Letter“.

And another thing, last week you wrote:

And then, there was Dezmond Meeks. The singer and dancer entertained the judges in Orlando with his version of James Brown’s “I Feel Good.”

It’s called “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and the fact that Berman can’t even get that right makes him a wanker. A lesser wanker, to be sure, but a wanker nonetheless…

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