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Wingnut press: "The Insanity of Sexual Sin"

AFA’s Donald Wildmon and Steve Gallagher, head of Pure Life Ministries, which purports to “help men overcome sexual sin through holiness and a passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ.”

As John over at AmericaBlog likes to refer to it, “American Family Association’s propaganda organ, AgapePress“, has articles that you really have to wonder about the sanity of its writers. Yes, they are wingnuts, and so far right they are off the charts, but this piece is so unhinged that it made me laugh out loud. Trust me, after having my dog die suddenly today, laughter isn’t coming easy. I guess I should thank Donald Wildmon, head of AFA, and Steve Gallagher, from Pure Life Ministries, the author of the article.

There exist a number of interesting characteristic similarities between a sexual addict and an insane person. The first is that, in the case of both individuals, SELF is enormous. The mentally deranged person is so obsessed with himself that he completely loses sight of other people’s welfare, concerns and rights. He becomes so huge in his own thinking that he sees himself as the center of the universe. The ultimate in this type of crazed thinking is when a man claims to be God or Jesus Christ — something that occurs more frequently than you might realize.

…Consider the homosexual who has illicit encounters with dozens of men, knowing the inevitability of acquiring AIDS. What about the man who commits adultery even though he knows he will lose his wife and children? Think about the man who commits sexual crimes, knowing that a few minutes of indulgence could very well put him in prison for years. What else but madness of mind could cause a person to do things that will only devastate his life?

It is also true in a spiritual sense. The sexual sinner has become so driven by lascivious desires that he purposefully does what his conscience tells him is against his own eternal interests. Charles Finney once wrote: “Sinners act as if they were afraid they should be saved. Often they seem to be trying to make their salvation as difficult as possible …. They rush upon damnation as if it were heaven, and flee salvation as if it were hell. Is this exaggeration? No; this is only the simple truth. Sinners press down the way to hell as if it were the chief good of their existence, and shun the way to heaven as if it were the consummation of evil.”

The sex addict can also become paranoid. “The wicked flee when no one is pursuing,” Solomon wrote, “but the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1) The guilt over one’s behavior can have this effect upon a sinner’s thinking. Since his secret actions are so huge in his mind, he imagines that other people know what he has done. His guilt drives him into the most delusional thinking. Of course, it goes without saying that in both cases, paranoia flourishes when SELF is huge. The bigger a person’s self-life, the more he imagines that others are thinking about him. What a letdown when he discovers that other people think very little about him!

For the Christian (???) sex addict, this suspicion carries over into his relationship with God as well. He reads and hears about the love of God, but his irrationality causes him to vacillate between extremes of presumptuous pride (“God’s grace covers all my sins!”) and unbelief about God’s benevolent character (“If He really loved me, He would deliver me!”). The insanity of his sin motivates him to buy into the same falsehood that Satan has been proliferating ever since the Garden: that he — and not God — is man’s true benefactor.

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