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Who the hell is Mark Sanford, and why is he thinking of running in '08?

I’m too tired to do research on this guy tonight, but South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford apparently dropped big hints about tossing his hat in the ring during his State of the State speech according to The State newspaper. He better start now, since I’m sure Man-on-dog Santorum will be the man on top, as it were.

“Did you hear that speech? “ asked state Rep. Jim McGee, R-Florence. “Looks like to me he’s running.”

House Majority Leader Jim Merrill, R-Charleston, who worked for Sanford when he was a congressman, is more certain. “He’s definitely running.” No evidence is offered to refute the predictions, and the governor is saying nothing to discourage the speculation. In his speech, Sanford talked about:

• The rising cost of the war in Iraq, saying it “spreads a gray cloud” over the economy
• Ballooning federal deficits and a dollar “that’s on increasingly shaky ground”
• A federal government out of control
• Rising consumer debt
• The specter of double-digit inflation
• The welfare state and its drag on the economy
• A global trading system that has become less cohesive and more threatening to American jobs

The governor didn’t home in on state matters until a quarter of the way through the speech.

Project Vote Smart has some of his positions on issues here.

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