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This is not a fake headline: Wife explains how husband's alcoholic enema habit killed him

As you can see, I am swaying toward the whacked-out stories tonight. The more bizarre the better, it keeps my mind distracted. This piece really screams “headline of the day” but perhaps it is more suited as an entry into the Darwin Awards. Hope your dinner has settled. (

42-year-old widow is accused of killing her husband. He was given an alcohol enema and it caused his blood alcohol level to rise to .47 percent — more than five times the state’s legal limit.

Prosecutors say Tammy Jean Warner knew her husband would die if she gave him alcohol. Warner tells Eyewitness News it was her husband who bought the alcohol and put it in his own system. Tammy says she wants the chance to defend herself. “I love him and I miss him,” she says of her dead husband. Tammy denies killing her husband, but she admits he died from an enema.

She showed Eyewitness News photos her husband, Michael Warner, had taken of his own collection of enema bags and equipment. Tammy says her husband used those bags just about every day of his life.

The use escalated, says Tammy, when her husband would drink. She says Michael was an alcoholic and would fill the bags with sherry or wine. Tammy said, “He’d open the clamp and take in what he wants, how much he wanted, then he’d close the clamp and lay there until he wanted more and then he’d open his clamp back up.”

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