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Equality Utah vice chair appointed to Utah Senate

Three cheers for “THE GAY” ! Gov. Jon Huntsman signs the appointment papers of new Utah State Senator Scott McCoy (r) while members of Senate Democratic leadership (Sen. Gene Davis, Sen. Mike Dmitrich and Sen. Ron Allen) look on. Right: Sen. Chris Buttars/(R) West Jordan (tv.ksl): “The next issue that comes up, we might be riding the same horse together, that’s how the process works. I’m not going to say anything negative about that. The process is set up, the process worked, Scott McCoy is a member of the senate. (Reporter: Were you surprised?) Yes, i was surprised.”

[UPDATE: Freeper comments added at the end — enjoy!]

From JamesB3’s diary on DKos, “THE GAY” appointed to Utah senate!” an interesting development in Utah.

Paula Julander, Democrat in Utah’s state senate, had to resign due to poor health. The Dem party had to choose her successor. Her husband was considered the frontrunner, when, to the shock of all the chattering classes, Scott McCoy, Vice Chairman of Equality Utah, won by 3 votes! He was chosen for his skills, not for his sexual orientation, and has pledged not to be “one-issue”. The governor appointed him, he was sworn in and he will now fill out the rest of Julander’s 2-year term. Utah now has TWO openly gay legislators, as many as Minnesota and more than many other states (MA has the most, followed by AZ and WA).

The reason I called this “THE GAY” is because when the most anti-gay Republican senator, Chris Buttars, heard this news, he cried out:

“The gay??”

Last week Buttars helped kill a simple piece of legislation that would have granted unmarried couples hospital visitation rights and other small rights. McCoy was one of the main voices in favor of the legislation. Sometimes God tolerates the fundies and their selfish, depraved lifestyle.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Bigger news would have been if they’d chosen a STRAIGHT man!”

“Leave it to the Democrats to put up a gay guy in overWHELMingly Mormon Utah.”

“Good God in His Heaven………can those morons be any more out of touch with reality, let alone the voters????…..and they wonder why they continue to get their asses handed to ’em in elections time after time after time after time………”

“This has to be going over like a lead baloon in conservative, Mormon Utah.”

“Salt Lake City no longer has a Mormon majority. It’s something like only 40% LDS. I understand it also has a solid gay community. I use to work with a gay guy in Seattle; he said he loved to go to SLC for the “gay rodeo”. I was surprised to hear something like that….I DON’T want to know what a “gay rodeo” involves.”

“What in the world is a gay rodeo? Never mind, I just had a few disturbing thoughts run through my mind and I no longer wish to find out.”

“Another brilliant strategeric move by the rats. They are consolidating their superior popularity with the depraved, and delineating a clear line between where 90% of America is and the other 10% where rats think the middle of the road American stands.”

“I just can’t believe that Utah would tolerate a FruitFly Senator.”

“There needs to be a new seal for the Democrat (“gay”) Party. Replace the donkey with the gerbil.”

“isn’t that special. i wonder how long it will take him to say ‘as a gay–american….’. hyphenated backgrounds seem to be the norm now. i’m a heterosexual-american and i’m proud as a peacock.

“SLC is really turning into a ghetto. The surrounding areas are nice, but SLC is full of denegrates.”

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