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Wicked post by the Black Commentator on "Bush’s Black Coalition of the Bribed"

I’ve been railing on about these pastor pigs at the public trough and religious, homo-bigot black pastors for a while now. [See posts here, here, here, here, here and here – clearly no lack of material! ] You must read this great piece at The Black Commentator that weaves even more threads into this quilt of pathetic sleaze.

Robert L. Woodson, president of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, and as Black Commentator describes, “former aide to Newt Gingrich, recipient since 1995 of more than $6 million in rightwing foundation money, and now riding first-class on the federal faith-based gravy train.”

Some of the other players I’ve written about, (there are more names in the above piece for you to familiarize yourself with):

Televangelist Frederick K.C. Price of L.A.’s Crenshaw Christian Center backs Bush and is taking part in a 100-minister summit opposing same-sex civil marriage; Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. has gotten into political bed with Ken Mehlman and the GOP and will unveil the The Black Contract With America.

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels of Milwaukee’s Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ buys into Bush’s faith-based initiatives and “values.” Homophobe Rev. Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX is on board with the Bush American Taliban agenda, and Philadelphia’s Rev. Herb Lusk, pastor of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church has had his coffers filled with a cool million to run faith-based initiatives by the Administration.

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Pam Spaulding