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Ms. Julien on Hillary and a wakeup call for progressives

Two of a f*cking kind.

Julien’s List has an excellent post on the ascent of Hillary’s inner conservative, and taking her complacent fellow Floridians to task. Yeah, just like Bill, Hill’s going to toss gays and lesbians, and her pro-choice allies overboard as she sails toward 2008. Ms. Julien:

Okay, folks, it is time for those truly liberal-minded and truly progressive individuals “out there” to realize that in the road to the political top, our current politicians will do whatever they have to do to get there. A large voting majority pops up (evangelists and their followers), and all traditionally “liberal” ideals go out of the window as the politicians turn into ravenous wolves, salivating over power, as the wolves do over fresh kill.

Most people know that Hillary Clinton has her sights set on the White House, and most people know that she is not thought of overmuch in the right wing. However, now she is going to face a bigger “flip-flop” title than Kerry as she starts to show her support for anti-gay laws and pro-choice rulings.

My fellow bloggrrrl is so on it. What’s completely disgusting is that our former “friends” like Hillary, and Joe Liebertwat come to mind, don’t mind taking queer and pro-choice dollars to get elected. All of us need to keep those wallets shut and give to those candidates that 1) show some backbone and 2) have actual principles that aren’t generated out of a focus group or the DLC-ers. No more giving money and accepting a pat on the head and being admonished to sit quietly, not complain and watch the whittling away of our rights so those in power can remain in power and get promoted to higher office. Bullsh*t.

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