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Joementum Cheers Gonzales as “Remarkably Just”

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I’m beginning to think that if we discovered ovens being built at Guantanamo, Lieberman would say that it was “mildly distressing.”TBogg

“Republicans love him for the same reason that Democrats love McCain — because they both spend a great deal of the time beating up publicly on their own party. But for that reason, especially given our minority status (when the party needs to stick together for survival), Lieberman must go. I don’t want another six years of him bashing Democrats on Fox News next to a fawning Sean Hannity.” Kos

The Daily Kos is the most popular and important force in the blogosphere; it’s a fact with which Democrats are just now coming to grips….In recent days, Kos has begun suggesting that someone challenge conservative Democrat Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic primary. Given Kos’s recent successes, Lieberman would be wise to not take this threat lightly. – Dean Barnett, The Weekly Standard


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