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PBS's Buster the bunny meets lesbians – and the world doesn't end

Margaret Spellings, had her panties in a bunch over an innocent cartoon episode featuring two lesbian couples. She doesn’t want America’s children “exposed to this lifestyle.”

House Blend reader Katherine wanted to share her email about the airing of the infamous PBS cartoon that has been pulled from stations because it depicts lesbian families. It aired on our local PBS station, UNC-TV in Chapel Hill, yesterday – ha – on the SOTU address day. What a hoot.

New Education Secretary Margaret Spellings raised hell about this recently, which I blogged about on the Blend a few days ago.

From: Katherine

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 09:06:15 EST

Subject: unctv frees buster baxter!

To: Pam

Hi Pam,

Well, I was very surprised yesterday when my five year old son turned on Postcards From Buster – recently on the new Secretary of Education’s hit list for an upcoming show on Vermont, maple sugar, and, oh, yeah, same-sex couples. The Vermont show was on! (I thought it was scheduled for March – must be a Chapel Hill thing to run it the day of the State of the Union address.)

Well, this new Secretary of Education must have some kind of paranoid delusions because this show was as edgy and in-your-face gay agenda as, say, an episode of “Kate and Allie.” Seriously! Buster arrived at the house, met one woman, she took him inside and said hi to another woman. Then, kid stuff – Buster cleverly noted that the two brothers, one African-American and one Caucasian, didn’t look alike. They explained they were stepbrothers. Okay. The daughter did show a photo of the two moms and said it was special to her because it was a photo of people who meant a lot to her. Something like that.

I am waiting for the controversy. Their house is clean, the mom makes chocolate chip cookies, they are JEWISH.(was this the problem?) My son wondered why he couldn’t light candles at dinner as they did. They prayed. Buster visited a farm, saw a guy milk cows, saw maple sugaring, ate a lot. The family and another family with two moms who were NOT mentioned in any way – it was all about kids – had a bonfire. They dragged out a Christmas tree to burn and yelled, “Goodbye Winter!” Oh, the dog ate Buster’s gifts for his mom, and Buster fainted, but he recovered.

I was disappointed that it did not even PROVIDE an opportunity to talk about same sex marriage or couples and kids. I asked my son what he noticed about the families, and it was all about candles, how much sap it takes to make maple syrup, and the dog eating the presents. He did not notice the two moms at all, and he is a pretty observant kid. All I can think is that Secretary of Education must also see dead people, communists under her bed, and black helicopters because this show was completely tame.

Now, the one with the Mormons and their overpopulating the world big family, THAT one bugged me. But that is another story.

Please feel free to share my post. It was a nice episode, about Vermont and maple syrup. NO marriage mentioned, of any kind. Just happy families, cows, stuff.


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