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Gay Marriage Ban Fails in Idaho; Freepers hot under the collar

Should I say anything here? It would probably be unkind.

Some good news…(Corvallis Gazette-Times):

A proposal to write a ban on same-sex marriage into the Idaho Constitution was defeated Wednesday for the second consecutive year. A statutory prohibition remains in force.

The constitutional measure had majority support in the state Senate in a 21-14 vote. But that fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to send the constitutional amendment to a vote of the people. Eight Republican senators and six Democrats voted against. The amendment would have invalidated any type of marriage or civil union except those between one man and one woman.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Curt McKenzie, R-Nampa, said he would not try to pass an amended version of the bill this year. But the narrow margin of defeat means the bill will probably be considered at least once again next year.

You know I had to do it…

Actual Freeper Quotes™:

“Wow. Why would this fail in one of the top 5 most conservative states in the Union? I hope you spud-heads replace the politicians who voted no in the next election!”

“Sad. WA state is next. God help us all.”

“Wha-a-at?? Idaho?!! That’s where I’ve wanted to move! Unngh! “

“Liberal strains are deeper than what we had hoped.”

“First Washington (state), then Idaho and Montana. I believe what you’re seeing is the “liberal flight” effect – the lefties leaving Kalifornica and infesting other areas. The “Homies” need to stop these parasites in their tracks, lest you find yourself in the same straits as Washington…”

“The gay lobby has tons of money thats why. It is so sad that the politicians really only represent the interests of a very few. The majority’s opinion is irrelevant to them. They figure we are too busy living our lives and working to care about what they are doing.”

“Sad. Sad. Sad. Kansas ahead of Idaho…..”

Eight Republican senators joined with six Democrats to form a blockade of moderates. Does Utah have a Recall provision in their State Constitution? Looks like there’s at least 8 targets right here.”

I know nothing about this, but off the top of my head I’d guess it’s about polygamy. Aren’t there a good number of renegade old school Mormon people there in Idaho?”

“Yeah, the liberals vote for policies that destroy the schools, economy and the culture of their community. Then when it gets too bad to live where they live, they move and start to infest and destroy another place. Like cock roaches or something.”

“Gay marriage is a complete ruse. Most gays/lesbians aren’t even interested in it. The real goal is to dilute the meaning of “marriage.” The homosexual lobby is intent on destroying the family, nothing more and nothing less. Intolerance for barely-disguised war against the crucial institution of the family is no vice.”

“Spot on buddy… Break the Church…Break the Marriage…Break the Family…Break the Democracy…GLBTSMFC agenda. in a nutshell (Gay Lesbo Bi Tranny Socialist Marxist Facist Communist)”

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